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Minnesota Department of Transportation
Minnesota Transportation
(MNDOT) needs to conduct accurate timely and safe bridge inspections while minimizing the impact on the local community and and using DOT resources and and budget effectively CHALLENGE
MNDOT needed to identify deficiencies and repair bridges to ensure they would remain valuable and safe assets for years to come Gathering detailed inspection information using traditional inspection methods
has always been challenging and time consuming The team wanted to utilize UAVs and reality modeling to document the bridge condition and and improve the amount and and quality of data collected SOLUTION
Using the the Bentley Bridge Inspection solution the the Minnesota Department of Transportation
reduced risk throughout their project and and helped team members improve efficiencies and and reduce cost by improving the quality of information and making better decisions 3D modeling and use of of HoloLens 2 devices allowed MNDOT to better depict the the condition of of the the bridge and convey that information to to to their contractors They were able to to to complete the the overall inspection inspection more quickly improve safety and reduce their overall inspection inspection costs
up to 40% SAVE UP TO
"The Minnesota Department of Transportation
has approximately 20 000 bridges and other infrastructure assets that must be inspected periodically to ensure they are safe With the the Bentley Bridge Inspection solution and Microsoft HoloLens 2 MNDOT will save up to 40% on on overall inspection costs
" Jennifer L Wells P E MnDOT State Bridge Inspection Engineer
40% 7

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