Page 5 - New Zealand Spring Catalogue - Construction 2021
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KUBOTA.CO.NZ  ~      FOR 36 MONTHS     FINANCE   %  FINANCE PROVIDED BY  UDC FINANCE LIMITED  ACROSS THE GL SERIES ONLY  0.9 PA  improve mobility  The base has been strengthened to    a single key entry door has been added.    All components have been recessed and    BODY   operator information  features a large backlit screen to clearly display   New Auto Start Controller (digital option only)   Easy maintenance (Single Side Servicing)  of personal protection from el

    SSV & R SERIES, GENERATORS  |  KUBOTA  05  04   Rated Operating Capacity with bucket of 868kg   a standard bucket, operating weight of 3080kg  Available in canopy model only and comes with   T4 engine producing 47.6HP  Superior performance with a powerful Kubota   R430 WHEEL LOADER  smoother operation  joystick with integrated aux. valve switch, for   Newly updated multifunction pilot control   increased foot space and enhanced visibility.   Updates include a newly de
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