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MECHANICAL SEED DRILLS                                                                                       20
 Providing seasonal solutions since 1976, Great Plains Manufacturing   Working widths from 5ft (1.5m) to 20ft (6.1m)
 SPARTAN   Acquired by Kubota in 2016, Great Plains continues to be a leading   Mounted, semi-mounted or trailed
 based in Kansas, USA, is a trusted market leader in seeding equipment.
 global manufacturer of seeding and tillage equipment. A respected
       Options for small seeds and dry
 RANGE  market leader in grain drills but also recognised as an innovator in   fertilizer application
 tillage equipment, fertilizer applicators and precision planters. Whether
       Double disc (min-till) or triple disc (no-till)
 it’s vineyard seeders, specialist seed drills for fodder crops or precision
 planters, Great Plains has the right solution for your application.
       Row spacing from 6” (152mm)                                                                                   SEEDING & TILLAGE  |  GREAT PLAINS
       Individual depth adjustment on each row
 S O LU T I O N S  FO R  E VE RY  S E A S O N  Full length seed tube guides seed to the
       bottom of the seed trench ensuring
       accurate placement                    1500 DRILL WITH CENTRE PIVOT HITCH
 2  YEAR                                                                        V300F NO-TILL 3M DRILL

                                                                                3.0m transport and working width
 STANDARD                                                                       19 row - 6.22" (158mm) row spacing
 WARRANTY ^                                                                     Large 3,100 litre hopper capacity

 ACROSS THE                                                                     Main seed, fertiliser and small seed
                                                                                Triple Disc - 18" Turbo Coulter with 00 Series
                                                                                Double Disc Opener min. 100HP
                                                                                Active hydraulic row unit down
                                                                                pressure system
                                                                                Full length calibration tray allows more
                                                                                convenient calibration
                                                                                Adjustable main box partition to change
        V300F 3M NO-TILL DRILL                                                  volume allocated to main seed and fertilizer

       Available in work widths of 3.5m to 7.3m  Shank working depth up to 12” (305mm) and   Rear chopper reel finishing tool chops residue
                                            1,111kg breakout                    and smoothens finish
       Features a double row of 610mm discs with the
 NTA607-2  patented Samurai Edge            Heavy rear roller with active hydraulic    Vertical tillage design principle allows
                                            down pressure provides an excellent finish in    aggressive tillage without developing density
       Heavy-duty Toggle-trip reset shanks with
 SPARTAN 6M & 9M     38cm-spaced shanks     all conditions                      layers in soil
 Triple disc row unit with Turbo coulter  The Great Plains Spartan range has
 the versatility you need in
 6” or 7.5” row spacing  a compact package.   COMPETITIVE

 Double shoot as standard  With up to 250kg of down pressure possible   FINANCE AVAILABLE
 on each independently mounted Turbo   ask your local dealer
 Integrated blockage monitor system included
 coulter, the Spartan is a proven performer in

 Individual row shut-off capability  tough no-till conditions.  ACROSS THE GREAT PLAINS RANGE

 NTA907-2  MC5319 MAX CHISEL - 19 SHANK, 7.3M TILLAGE WIDTH                                                          KUBOTA.CO.NZ
 PROUDLY DISTRIBUTED BY KUBOTA NEW ZEALAND  ^ Two year standard warranty on Great Plains includes parts and labour in year 1. Year 2 covers parts only.
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