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MGX                                            The new generation MGX Series range delivers class leading power and

                                                      reliability while reducing environmental impact. With one of the largest
       SERIES                                         cabs in its class, the premium MGX range offers unmatched operator
                                                      comfort and visibility. Built for maximum power and torque output with
                                                      intelligent technology, the MGX Series is equipped to efficiently handle
                                                      the most demanding jobs in the field or around the farm.

                                CL A S S-LE A D I N G  P OWE R  &  RE LI A B I LI T Y

                                                                            0.9        %   FINANCE

                                                                                           FOR 36 MONTHS *

                                                                                 ACROSS THE M SERIES
                                                                                  FINANCE PROVIDED BY
                                                                               UDC FINANCE LIMITED

                                                                                             $500          **



       MGX SERIES 100-135HP

       Common rail engine with massive torque
       24-speed powershift transmission with
       auto shift
       Super-quiet deluxe cab
       Bi-speed turn that speeds up front wheels
       for tight turns
       Available with narrow vineyard kit
       5-year Powertrain warranty
                                                                  PERFORMANCE MATCHED ROTARY CUTTERS

      ** Refer to page 10 for full Terms and Conditions.
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