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M5-1 ROPS                                      Put safety first and stay in close contact with those around you with the

       SERIES                                         new Kubota M5 ROPS tractor. Designed to get every job done with the
                                                      maximum efficiency, while prioritising worker welfare, it’s shorter stature
                                                      and manoeuvrability means working with height restrictions,
                                                      tight spaces, and uneven surfaces, is a breeze.

                                PR AC T IC AL  COM FOR T.  KU B OTA  SAFE T Y

           NEW                                         $500          **     0.9        %   FINANCE
                                                                                           FOR 36 MONTHS *

                                                                                 ACROSS THE M SERIES
                                                                                  FINANCE PROVIDED BY
                                                                               UDC FINANCE LIMITED


                                                    NEW M5 ROPS

       KUBOTA DIESEL ENGINE                 TRANSMISSION                        ROPS
       Features a 3.8l engine that produces 93 and   6 synchronised gears in 3 ranges provide   “Advanced simplicity” takes centre stage in
       103hp on Standard and Narrow models at the   a wide choice of 18 speeds with all narrow   the operator station of our new M5-1 ROPS
       economical engine speed of 2400rpm   models, featuring a dual speed splitter for a   models. Flat floor design allows for easy
                                            total of 36 speeds. Power shuttle    movement of the driver when mounting or
       MODEL CHOICE                         ensures very smooth changes of direction    operating the tractor
       Standard and narrow tractor models available
                                            and drive engagement

      ** Refer to page 10 for full Terms and Conditions.
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