Page 4 - Nellis Creech NTTR Bullseye 4-8-16
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© 2015 Northrop Grumman Corporation                 THE VALUE OF

                                             KEEPING F-16s RELEVANT
                                            FOR DECADES TO COME.

                                                To stay ahead in today’s high-tech battlespace,
                                              every F-16 needs the most advanced AESA radar.
                                            Fortunately, Northrop Grumman’s APG-83 SABR
                                           is currently in production and available today.
                                         SABR provides proven 5th generation aircraft radar
                                        capabilities to the F-16 faster and more cost effectively
                                      than any other alternative. That’s why we’re the leader
                                     in advanced, innovative, and affordable radar solutions.

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