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        Fly Lansing is Focused on Convenience



                          FLY LANSING IS MAKING TRAVEL MORE CONVENIENT     of  travel. Flights are  available  through  various  airlines, including  American,
                          for individuals and businesses in the Lansing area   United and Delta. Fly nonstop from Lansing to Detroit, Washington, D.C.,
                          by providing in-house support at Capital Region   Minneapolis, Chicago, with connections worldwide. Affordable flights and
                          International Airport. On-site travel agents alleviate   packages can also be planned for leisure activities. Partners, such as Apple
                          the stress of travel, making travelers more readily   Vacations, offer exclusive deals on international vacations to all-inclusive resorts,
                          prepared for a business trip or vacation.        with direct service to Cancun, Punta Cana and Montego Bay and Jamaica.

                          “Flying out  of Lansing  is so  easy,” said                 “Our customers who use Fly Lansing services save so much
                          Kaylyn Saterlee, travel agent for Fly                               time and money,” said Spencer Flynn, marketing
                          Lansing. “Where  else can you                                          manager for Fly Lansing.  “Our travel agents
        Kaylyn Saterlee, travel agent
        for Fly Lansing   walk from the                                                           provide superior customer service with one-on-
                          entrance to                    “THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF                   one interaction. Flying out of Lansing is a no
        the gate in less than 10 minutes?”                                                         brainer.”
                                                      ABOUT ALL THE DESTINATIONS
        In her role, Kaylyn focuses on               AND ARE GREAT AT HELPING YOU                     Flynn  encourages businesses to  use  the
        personalized customer service. She is                                                         travel agency booking services as an
        committed to providing insight into      FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR AT A                     alternative approach to an outside agency
        competitive  pricing  and  overall  traveler                                                   to make business travel more efficient
        experience. Dedicated to serving travelers,   GREAT PRICE! WAY BETTER THAN ONLINE              and affordable.
        Kaylyn   offers  immediate   answers       AGENCIES WHERE YOU DON’T KNOW
        regarding flights, destination packages,                                                       “In an industry that has drifted away from
        and  frequently  changing  rules  and      WHAT YOU’RE GETTING OR WHO TO                       customer service, Fly Lansing strives
        regulations.                                                                                   to  build  meaningful  connections,”  said
                                                          CALL WITH QUESTIONS.”                       Flynn. “Our services are not commissioned
        “We understand that traveling can be                                                         and there are no contracts. We do it because
        stressful  and  expensive,”  said  Saterlee.             —MAGGIE B.,                        we care.”
        “It is our pleasure to save customers time,
        money and the headache.”                             FLY LANSING CUSTOMER                Travel agents can be reached by phone
                                                                                              at (517) 321-4688. Inquiries or in-flight
        The Capitol Region International Airport is located                                   questions can be sent by email directly to
        three miles northwest from downtown Lansing.  Turnkey                         n
        service allows for the most expedient, cost-effective means

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