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                          Andrew Rose                                      design firms in the Greater Lansing region. As a woman business owner,
                          Rehmann                                          she  is passionate  about  her community and  hosts  a weekly television
                                                                           show, “Focus on Business” on ABC 53, covering topics relevant to business
                          Andrew is a principal and business advisor at Rehmann,   owners. Community and leadership are in her blood. She has served on
                          a financial services and IT consulting firm, where he   several nonprofit boards, including president of the Rotary Club of Lansing,
                          helps lead the Lansing office as well as leading the   the Small Business Association of Michigan Leadership Council and
                          commercial industry group which is comprised of   ATHENAPowerLink Advisory Committee.
                          several niche practices including real estate and
                          construction.  Andrew has provided business solutions              Todd C. Surline
                          and financial services to clients for over 24 years.  He           Hiring Solutions
                          also is currently serving as President of the Lansing
        Chapter of CFMA.  Andrew resides in Dewitt with his family and enjoys                Todd Surline is president of Hiring Solutions LLC,
        spending time traveling, golfing, exercising, staying up on new tax laws and         a  32-year-old  human  resources  consulting  firm  that
        is a boater in training.                                                             specializes in executive search, human resource
                                                                                             consulting and pre-employment assessments and is
                          Lisa Ellen Smith                                                   based in Okemos, Mich.
                          InVerve Marketing
                                                                                             Todd served as chief administrative officer for Capitol
                          Lisa Ellen Smith is president of InVerve Marketing                 Bancorp  Ltd.,  where  he  was  responsible  for  leading
                          &  Web, a visionary leader who has built capacity,   the human resources, staff development, marketing, communications, bank
                          relationships and her growing team of skilled, but   accounting and risk management divisions of the $5.6 billion bank holding
                          quirky professionals into a marketing agency that   company with 65 banks in 17 states.
                          attracts  customers  from  across the  country  for  in-
                          depth digital expertise.  The firm has evolved  into   Todd is a graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in
                          one of the most successful digital marketing and web   pre-law and master’s work in human resources and labor relations. n

          Meet the Chamber Team, FROM PAGE 7

          Favorite part of working at the Chamber: “I   Marcy is an experienced media and sales                    of Commerce by
          enjoy learning how business owners started   professional with more than 29 years of                     developing programs
          their business or how they became leaders in   delivering results for clients. She is a driven           and events to enhance
          their companies. It’s always interesting for me   professional with a strong background in               both Chamber members
          to learn how a company came to be and how   building trust, loyalty and long-lasting                     and the Mid-Michigan
          they have grown over time. I feel like this   relationships with clients.                                business community.
          knowledge helps me help other companies
          relate and learn how they can grow their own   Interesting fact:  Marcy  turned  a chronic               Ashlee has over 10
          business.”                                 disease into a chronic passion by starting a                  years  of   experience
                                                     kidney advocacy program designed to empower,                  in   developing   and
                             MARCY RZEPKA            teach and assist others with the same disease.                managing     corporate
                             Manager, Member                                                    events, programs and meetings in Michigan.
                             Engagement              Favorite part of working at the Chamber:   Willis is a certified tour ambassador for Lansing,
                                                     “I love meeting many different people on a   Mich., has earned several awards including
                             In her role, Marcy      plethora of different paths in life and connecting   Entrepreneur on the Move Award and  Ten
                             focuses on new business   those people together to make differences that   Over the Next Ten Alumni Award recipient.
                             development      and    matter.”
                             member engagement as                                               Interesting facts:  Ashlee enjoys traveling to
                             part of the membership   EVENTS DEPARTMENT                         Grand Haven and  Traverse City every year
                             and business value team                                            with her family as well as painting and going
         – a key role that supports Chamber members   ASHLEE R. WILLIS, CTA                     on wine tours.
          and ensures a positive, successful relationship
          with the  organization. Marcy  works  closely   Ashlee R. Willis is the Founder and CEO of   Favorite Part about working at the Chamber:
          with members to maximize engagement        Michigan Premier Events, a corporate event   “Working with an awesome Chamber staff and
          opportunities and provide insights on strategies   management company managing events in   putting together events and programming
          to maximize their connectivity and engagement   Lansing, Grand Rapids and Detroit. Ashlee   for members to CONNECT, GROW AND
          in the Lansing region.                     partners with the Lansing Regional Chamber   THRIVE.” n

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