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        Beating Stress. Building Immunity: It’s Time to Play Offense

        MUCH OF OUR REACTION TO THE COVID-19 has been in                   Johnson stressed the importance of nutrition in building up the immune
        the form of playing defense – wearing masks and gloves,            system. He urged diets with more PH balance – less acidic foods (processed
        social distancing, and sheltering in place. According to           foods, coffee, alcohol, soda, etc.) and more alkaline or foods with strong
        health and fitness expert Chris Johnson, it is time to play        mineral content (fruits, vegetables, etc.). He also underlined the importance
        offense.  Johnson shared his thoughts on beating stress and        of drinking lots of water daily – the number of ounces equaling half your body
        building immunity during a webinar on May 8, hosted by             weight. Johnson advocated a diet that includes Omega-3 fats and superfoods
        the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC).                   such as flaxseed, cod liver oil, frozen wheatgrass and spirulina chlorella.
                                                                           Johnson also advocates prebiotics (oatmeal, bananas, onions) and probiotics
        “Playing offense is all about how we rest, how we eat, and         (sauerkraut, yogurt, etc.).
        how we move,” said Johnson. “We need to develop a new   Johnson
        rhythm.”                                                           When it comes to exercise, Johnson said the most important thing is to move
                                                                           the body 15-20 minutes a day — that has become especially important since
        Johnson, founder and CEO of Bath Township-based On Target Living, said   the COVID-19 pandemic has more people spending more time in front of
        stress is mostly physical and shows up in a higher heartbeat, rise in blood pressure,   computer screens.
        muscular tension, digestive troubles, and immune suppression. He offered three
        tips on resiliency to stress; practicing deep breathing two to three minutes per day,   “The greatest benefit to moving your body is what it does for your mind,” said
        improving sleep habits, and generating white space or personal time free of other   Johnson. “It calms you, creates energy, and changes your attitude.”
                                                                           For more information, contact Chris Johnson at  chrisjohnson@
        “There has never been a better time to expand white space,” said Johnson. “After or visit n
        the pandemic, don’t let your white space slip away.”

          Federal Reserve Executive Tells

          Business Leaders Economy Will Pick

          Up Slowly in Second Half of 2020

          A REBOUND IN THE ECONOMY following the reopening of the economy will, in
          large part, be determined by how safe consumers feel as we begin to emerge
          from the COVID-19 crisis of the past couple of months, according to the
          President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Charlie Evans shared his
          thoughts on the economy with business leaders during a webinar sponsored
          by the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce on May 11. Evans said it is
          reasonable to assume slow growth in the second half of 2020 and into 2021,
          but much depends on how the nation and future outbreaks of the virus.

         “Uncertainty is high,” said Evans. “A second outbreak of the disease and a wave
          of bankruptcies are reasons for concern.”                     Evans

          Evans said he is particularly encouraged by many recent conversations he has had with manufacturers,
          including the auto industry, who share how they have successfully created safe work environments
          that should keep productivity high.

         “The fundamentals are good,” said Evans. “There is no reason we can’t navigate this well. Keeping
          COVID-19 at bay is a concern for everyone.”

          Evans said he is confident that the President and Congress will do more to support small businesses
          coming out of the crisis. He also noted that the federal government might need to step up and help
          state and local municipalities that have been hurt by the COVID-19 crisis.

         “Tax revenues are greatly reduced,” said Evans. “It is important for employment to return to pre-
          pandemic levels. It will also be important for the federal government to consider support.” n

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