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we  have  so  we  don’t  fall  back  to  the                                                      Rosingana says workforce development
        traditional boundaries?”                                                                          is continually changing. COVID-19 has
                                                                                                          further altered the dynamic, especially
        Pingston also sees the potential to add                                                           when connecting employers to job
        new sporting facilities to enhance the                                                            seekers in the virtual world.
        growing sports industry and fill needs
        we currently do not have available.                                                               “More employers are looking for
                                                                                                          opportunities to have the technology for
        COVID-19 has dealt tourism a                                                                      things like virtual job fairs, so we have to
        significant  blow  from  which  Pingston                                                          make sure we implement those systems
        says the industry will be slow to recover.                                                        within our agency as well,” Rosingana
        She notes that tourism brings new                                                                 said.
        dollars into the community, and adds
        considerably to our local community’s                                                             “Workforce development is not done
        tax base. Locally, the industry has created   Carrie Rosingnan and her predecessor, Edythe Copeland with the team at CAMW!  in a bubble,” Rosingana said. She says
        the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge List to                                                           she is proud of the many community
        promote our region’s safety as a destination.                      partnerships that have developed over the years with the Lansing Regional
                                                                           Chamber of Commerce, LEAP, and organizations in education and government.
        “Many of our local businesses are signing on to indicate they are following the   She says a welcome bright spot in the COVID-19 pandemic has been what she
        required practices and protocols to ensure our traveling public that when you come   calls an unprecedented time of coming together for community organizations.
        to our destination,  we are doing everything we can to be a safe and welcoming
        destination,” said Pingston.                                               “I would like to see regional collaboration continue as we come out of the
                                                                        “I              pandemic and continue to have conversations that bring partners
        Julie Pingston has established deep roots in the region, which   would like to see   together  happening  on  a  very  frequent  basis,”  Rosingana
        is reflected in her commitment to community involvement.   regional collaboration    said. “The pandemic has been a time of need, so we have
        She is the president of the Downtown Lansing Rotary   continue as we come out          all come together. We need to continue to be purposeful
        Club, past president of the Tourism Industry Coalition   of the pandemic and continue   in looking for opportunities for collaboration and
        of Michigan, the board president of the Potter Park   to have conversations that bring   partnership to continue to make this region focused
        Zoological Society, and board member of the Arts   partners together happening on a      on working together to provide opportunities for the
        Council of Greater Lansing. She has received   very frequent basis,” Rosingana said.      residents in our community.”
        numerous industry accolades, including Michigan   “The pandemic has been a time of
        Meetings and Events Magazine’s Hall of Fame   need, so we have all come together.         When the pandemic began, CAMW! had  to
        Inductee/Supplier of the  Year, South Lansing   We need to continue to be purposeful      react quickly to move its vast resources online.
        Business  Alliance Alfreda Schmidt  Lifetime    in looking for opportunities for          Coincidentally, greater technology accessibility has
        Achievement Award, and a Governor’s Award for   collaboration and partnership to         been one of the strategic goals of the organization.
        Innovative  Tourism Collaboration for her work in   continue to make this region
        developing the region’s Sensory Friendly initiative.  focused on working together to   “This has really sped up our timeline,” Rosingana said
                                                           provide opportunities for          with a laugh. “It will lead to longer-term outcomes for
                                 CARRIE ROSINGANA             the residents in our          us because it is going to make technology options more
                                 CEO, CAPITAL AREA                community.”             available to the people we serve.”
                                  MICHIGAN WORKS!
                                                                                  Among her top priorities as CEO, Rosingana wants CAMW! to continue
                                 Since 2015, Rosingana has served as CAMW!’s   to be a leader that state and federal officials can come to when they need ideas
                                 chief operating officer and an equal opportunity   for best practices and ideas that work. She also wants to ensure relationships that
                                 officer. During her tenure as COO, Rosingana   have been nurtured in recent years remain at the forefront. CAMW! will also be
                                 achieved 100% successful performance outcomes   looking for opportunities for new relationships to pursue grants and to innovate
                                 across all programs. She passed the recent official   even further. The experience with COVID-19 also underscores the importance of
                                 State of Michigan Equal Opportunity review,   expanding opportunities to offers services digitally.
                                 highlighting diversity and inclusive practices put
                                 into action under her leadership efforts.   “Historically, we have been a more brick-and-mortar agency,” Rosingana said. “I’d
                                                                           really like to see us expand services digitally, whether that is adding a chat function
        Rosignana               “Capital  Area  Michigan  Works!  has  consistently   for after office hours or more recordings of workshop materials. We know there are
                                 provided exceptional services to employers and   many people working second and third shift who don’t always have the opportunity
        job seekers to help support regional economic prosperity,” Rosingana said. “As the   to access our resources.”
        CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works!, I plan to continue to have our agency
        looked upon as an innovative thought leader in workforce development initiatives   Rosingana is also interested in providing more help for employers who need training
        and programs that benefit the greater good of the capital region and Michigan.”  resources. She cites a pilot employer workshop last year to help employers have
                                                                           conversations on social media as they post positions and receive responses from the
        Rosingana has been in workforce development since 2007, starting at Peckham,   public. The program received phenomenal feedback.
        Inc., as a career coach and case manager within the Michigan Works! system
        before becoming Capital Area Michigan Works!’ quality assurance officer, then   “I’d like to see if there are other similar opportunities we can provide to regional
        the chief compliance officer, and finally COO. She holds a bachelor’s degree   employers,” Rosingana said. “Our system is demand-driven, where the employer
        in family community service from Michigan State University and various   is our primary customer and, secondarily, job seekers are getting connected to
        certifications and training from organizations such as the State of Michigan   opportunities. Looking for those opportunities to help employers will, in turn,
        Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and the National Council   help the employees as they are onboarded and remaining in their ranks for years
        for Behavioral Health.                                             to come.” n

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