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        Origami Rehab Center Celebrates 20 Years with CEO


        A JOURNEY INITIALLY ANTICIPATED FOR 16 WEEKS turned into           However, Hannah’s main reason and her “WHY” is her older brother, who has
        20 successful years. Tammy Hannah, president and CEO of            cerebral palsy. She grew up attending his occupational, speech, and physical
        Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, began at the           therapy sessions, learning the importance of family in the process at a young age.
        nonprofit as an intern in 2000. She celebrated 20 years this July.
                                                                          “Origami recognizes the crucial role a support system plays and helps ensure
        Origami, the result of Michigan State University and Peckham       family involvement continues to run through this organization’s veins,” said
        Inc. realizing a need for brain injury rehab services in the       Hannah. “We do not limit ourselves as a team. We strive to be more, do more,
        community, opened in 1997. The organization has continued          and provide more.”
        to expand, advance, and provide support for those healing.
                                                                           Origami tirelessly works to break down barriers, like transportation setbacks
        Hannah found herself in the perfect position at the                or financial struggles, to ensure individuals can receive proper care during a
        culmination of her occupational therapy internship. Origami was seeking its first full-  challenging time.
        time therapist and Hannah gladly took on the role. She was promoted through the
        years and now proudly serves as Origami’s president and CEO.       Just as the name suggests, the organization’s specialized care focuses on supporting
                                                                           individuals and their families through each detail of the recovery journey. From a
        “Because  I  have  grown  so  much  personally  and  professionally,  it  doesn’t    one-dimensional piece of paper to an intricately crafted multi-dimensional piece
        feel like I’ve been at the same organization,” said Hannah. “Origami has never strayed   of art, patients experience the same inspiring transformation.
        away from the core philosophy: create opportunities and transform lives.”
                                                                          “My journey with Origami has always been about appreciating what we
        It’s rare in this age for a person to remain with the same organization for 20 years.   as an organization have done but, more importantly, reflecting on how we can
        Hannah cites several reasons for her longevity, including brain rehab advancements,   improve,” said Hannah. “I am challenged to be a better leader every single day.”
        expansion of 30 employees to over 130, residential to the addition of outpatient care
        (600 outpatient clients served annually), and her position changes.  For more information, visit or call (517) 336-6060. n

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