Page 6 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
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Welcome to the 2020/21 Annual Report for the south east territory, covering April 2020 to end March 2021.
at the start of this reporting period, we had just entered the most extraordinary of times as the covid-19 global pandemic meant the closure of offices, alongside the majority of construction sites across the country. Hub South East had to quickly adapt to meet the challenges of enforced changes resulting from the Government’s response to tackling the outbreak. We commend the team and its supply chain for their ability to react quickly and embrace these changes. they continued to nurture established relationships with clients and ensure that projects still progressed through key development stages and, when allowed, safely reopened sites.
Whilst there were undoubtedly impacts on the progress of developments during this time, the positive outcomes have highlighted the true bene ts of partnership working and have afforded a further opportunity to demonstrate the  exibility and breadth of services available through the Hub model – no more apparent than in Hub South East’s response to the delivery of covid Vaccination centres for nHS lothian (P29).
it’s also encouraging that a recent independent report by EKoS into the performance of the  ve Hub companies in Scotland found that after delivering £2.2 billion of community infrastructure, with another £1.2 billion under construction or in development, the Hub companies all enjoy a high level of con dence from clients. it recommended that the Hub programme should continue and evolve to further advance Scottish Government infrastructure policy objectives. We’re con dent, based on successful past performance and exciting future plans, that the South East territory will play its part in doing just that.
Paul brewer
Hub South East Scotland Ltd
craig Marriott
South East Territory Partnering Board

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