Page 7 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
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the territory’s Strategic Vision is for Hub and our clients to work together to provide enhanced local services and achieve tangible bene ts for partners and communities in the lothians and borders. With a programme value
of £835m, we have continued to make real progress in delivering this. With the recent government emphasis on direct public funding rather than privately  nanced projects, it’s particularly encouraging to see our clients continue to actively choose Hub South East to deliver projects, further positioning ourselves as their development Partner of choice.
Since 2010 we have, at the time of writing, completed
8 new or refurbished facilities worth more than £500m, ranging from healthcare and supported accommodation, to educational and community facilities. in what is now our 11th year in operation, whilst navigating the gradual easing of covid restrictions, we continued to work together to improve local services by delivering modern, high quality community infrastructure across the territory.
Proudly, despite covid restrictions, in this reporting period we completed Scotland’s largest Hub project, the East lothian community Hospital (P18), a development which shows the value of Hub’s early involvement in making real time and cost savings. We also delivered Scotland’s  rst non-domestic public Passivhaus building at blackridge nursery (P15), demonstrating innovation and assisting our client to in uence future design. construction continues on a number of projects across both health
and learning estates.
We are pleased to have earned the trust of local authority clients in securing additional projects over the last year and there is a general recognition that post-covid-19 recovery planning presents a major opportunity to assess and redesign how public services are delivered in the future. this gives us the chance to look again at how we collectively meet national and local policy objectives for a net zero carbon economy, improved digital connectivity, effective place making and maximum social value.
through the delivery of projects we are investing in both individuals and businesses and generating community
bene ts across the territory, creating real social value. Since 2010 we have supported almost 550 new and existing apprenticeships and more than 420 new jobs have been created on our supply chain to help deliver Hub projects. overall, 82% of work packages on completed projects to date have been awarded to Scottish SMEs, so the wider economic impact of our work continues to extend well beyond the service users of the facilities we deliver.
the support of our tier 1 contractors and our supply chain has been crucial in meeting the challenges presented by the pandemic. their  exibility and willingness to  nd new safe ways of delivering services in the ever-changing circumstances was a key factor in the success of our projects. this year we also began the process of further strengthening the supply chain to support the future needs of clients. an exercise to  nd a new tier 1 construction contractor began in this reporting period and balfour beatty was recently appointed to join Morrison and baM construction, positioning Hub South East with an increasing wealth of supply chain experience to help support our partner organisations with their upcoming project requirements.
looking ahead at such projects, as well as delivering developments currently on site, including the castlebrae community campus in Edinburgh, Winchburgh Schools in West lothian and Wallyford Secondary learning campus in East lothian, we are delighted to be supporting Scottish borders council in their learning estate improvements in both Galashiels and Peebles. combined with a range of health facilities for nHS lothian, there’s a great deal of work being undertaken across the territory which will further support the economic recovery of the country post covid.
We would like to thank the many organisations and individuals involved in making the Hub programme in the South East territory such a success. as this last year has demonstrated, partnership working is, more than ever, crucial in responding to challenging times and we look forward to continuing this collaborative relationship and to a safe and productive year ahead.

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