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        LCIBS routes can be traced back to 1870, where against a backdrop of unprecedented eco-
        nomic growth, a visionary educator. Sir Isaac Pitman, was responding to the growing needs for
        business-minded leaders.
        Designed to bridge the skills gap, the College empowered generations ot workers tor more than
        120 years with the skills and entrepreneurial instincts necessary to drive today’s powerful global

        In 1990, however, a new chapter began when CRT pic grew the College into what it is today - a
        globally respected institution of excellence that is proudly known as the London College of Inter-
        national Business Studies (LCIBS). A

        We Deliver a Global Education Experience Across the World

                                                   The University of East Anglia is a
         ABOUT UEA                          high performing, public research-intensive
                                         UK university, located in Norwich England. The
                                  University of East Anglia prides itself on offering students
                         from all over the world the potential to reach their academic ambitions.
         In partnership with LCIBS, UEA is embracing the challenge to take this even further. Ranked
             among the top 25 universities in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2020) and the
           top 200 universities worldwide (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-
         2020), UEA prides itself on its excellent academic and social facilities. Part of the esteemed
          Norwich Research Park - one of Europe’s biggest concentrations of research in the fields of
         environment, health and plant science - UEA is ranked 10th in the UK for quality of research
                                              (Research Excellence Framework 2014).

                                                    WHY STUDY
        We offer a unique learning experience,
        unrivalledby larger Higher Education institutions.  WITH LCAIBS
        At LCIBS, our students learn by doing and receive
        the rare opportunity to navigate new information and
        experiment with knowledge first-hand, instead of only
        hearing and reading about how previous  generations did it. Our campuses are
        rooted in tradition, but at the forefront of change and positioned for the future.
        LCIBS is proud to help students work on their tomorrow, today!
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