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          We look for passionate and committed students and encourage applications from students with a
          variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Every application to LCIBS is considered
          very carefully on its individual merits.
                                                                Route of entry:
                                                     Academic Qualifications

          •   Five subjects at Cambridge, BGCSE with a minimum of 36 points,
             or any relevant equivalent qualification at NCQF Level 4.
          •   An appropriate Further Education and Training Certificate or equivalent.
          •   Any relevant qualification at NCQF Levels 5 or 6 may render the candidate eligible for ex-
             emptions or credit transfer in accordance with applicable University policies.
          •   In addition to the above admission criteria, relevant experience in the business sector will
             also be considered. This is recognition of prior learning (RPL).

          In addition to the above admission criteria, the following will also be considered:
          •   Relevant experience in the business sector
          •   Employment experience
          •   Prior learning
           Need more information? Our Admissions Team are happy to advise on required criteria:

        BA (Hons) Business                                      BA (Hons) Business
        International Business                                Marketing and
        Management                                              Management
                      Explore and understand   On this course, you will
           the challenging and interesting world of   combine the skills of marketing and
         managing business in the current dynamic   management, gaining a unique insight into
            and highly competitive global environ-  the continuous changes and challenges of the
           ment. Discover the constantly evolving   business world. You will explore the essen-
          nature of international business, and how   tials of marketing from both an academic and
         it shapes the management and operations   practical perspective, examining consumer
          of business across cultures, geographies   behaviour, segmenting, targeting, positioning,
                            and institutions.   promotions, pricing and more.
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