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 Haring - herring
For ships sailing between December and March:
Herring: 3 barrels of herring, each of 100 fish for one hundred men, each to be given one herring twice a week.
Kaas - cheese
400 kasen voor yder hondert man, sijnde voor yder man 4 kasen van 7à 8 pond yder kaas, die een yder gehouden sal syn wel te suyveren, volgens den Articulbrief, en ten oirboir te nuttigen.
Cheese: 400 cheeses per hundred men, meaning 4 cheeses of 7 to 8 pounds for each, which they must keep and preserve for themselves according to the ships' articles, and may consume as needed.
December - March :
47toelasten vooryderhondert man om daarvan eenflapkan daags aan yder man uytgereycktte worden, te weten wanneer hetbiersalwesen veroirbert.
47 toelasten (at 614.4 litres, i.e. 28876.8 li- tres) per hundred men, each to be issued with a flapkan (ca 1.5 1.) per day, once the beer has been consumed.
April - November:
53 toelasten of 32456.2 litres for each hundred men, to be rationed as in the preceding column.
Kokswater - cooking water
Cooking water: 6 pijpen (each of 435 litres) per hundred men.
Bier - beer
Beer brewed during the months of November and December,
for the ships of December - March : 50barrels(thevolumeisnotclear, perhaps 1 aam of 153.6 litres)
for the ships of April - November: 25barrelsperhundredmen,V*barrelper
man, to be consumed during the early part of the voyage. As beer does not keep long enough in hot weather these ships are supplied with more water.
Fransche wijn - French wine
4 half leggers French wine of 256 mingelen (4 barrels of around 307 litres, one mingele being 1.2 litre) per hundred men, for distribution to the sick.
Spaansche wijn - Spanish wine
3 toelasten Spanish wine, containing 512 mingelen (i.e. 3 times 614.4 litres) per hundred men. Every third day each person will be issued with one mutsken (0.15 litre).
Ships sailing between December and March are supplied with some extra Spanish wine, IV2 aam (IV2 aam = 230.4 litres) per hundred men, for the crew to be issued three times
a week with 5 flapkannen of 50 mingelen (5 times 60 litres) during the cold weather.
Bier tot bier en brood te gebruiken - beer to be used as beer-and-bread.

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