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 An unspecified quantity of beer was supplied to be boiled with bread; treacle was issued with this.
Brandewijn - brandy
3 toelasten brandy per hundred men 24 halfaamen, of 64 mingelen each (i.e. in 24 barrels of 76.8 litres) of which one half mutsken (0.075 litre) was issued every other day to each person. To two of these barrels of brandy horseradish and wormwood are added, and Allium to another two. Brandy is not to be issued twice a day, as V* mutsje morning and night, but the half mutsje must be issued in one go.
Boter - butter
3 barrels of butter of 360 pounds nett per hundred men, during the first three months of the voyage each person to be issued with lh pound per week for use on bread, and 1 pound per seven men per week for use with fish and potspyse (the cooked meal).
Olye - oil
7 half aamen of oil of 64 mingelen (7 times 76.8 litres) per 100 men, of which when the butter is finished each is issued with one mutske (0.15 1.) per week, and seven men with 2 mutskens each week for use with fish and potspyse.
Azijn - vinegar
4 varkens or half leggers (barrels of ca 300 litres each) per 100 men, one mutsje per week to be issued to each. The vinegar is also intended for spraying the ship.
Limoensap - lime juice
Een kwart aam van 32 mingelen voor yder hondert man - V* aam of 32 mingelen (38.4 litres) for every hundred men.
Sieroop - treacle
10 pounds of treacle in 50 mingelen, i.e. 300 pounds altogether for one hundred men, to be used with beer and bread for breakfast, this being issued three times a week. See also under Beer.
Ronde pruymen - prunes
2 pijpen or 2000 pounds of prunes per 100 men, to be consumed twice a week (no quantity ismentioned),intendedforgesontheytvan*tvolk(thecrew'shealth).
Rijst - rice
8 sakken of rice (36 sakken in one last, the current Amsterdam grain measure of 2918 litres, therefore 8 χ 81 = 648 litres) per 100 men; the rice to be eaten occasionally by way of a change (from groats).
Gort - groats
December - March :
70 sacks of groats, well dried (81 litres persack).
A certain (unspecified) quantity of groats is stored for transfer to the home­ ward bound ships at the Cape.
Apnl - November: 105 sacks of groats.

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