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With your curling iron or flat iron, you’re going to create beach waves in the section you just teased. Do this by taking 1” sections of hair and either wrap them around your curling iron (like a wand) or use your flat iron by placing the hair in the iron, twisting about a 1⁄4” and pulling the hair through with tension. Repeat this until you have completed this back section of hair. Do not break up the waves yet.
Now you can move on to the front side sections. You can choose to make the sides identical, or make them different like I did for Tiger Lily.
A. First side: Divide the section into 2-3 horizontal partings. Clip your top sections up. With the bottom section, you’re going to french braid it starting from the hairline and working your way back towards the back of your head. When you reach the point where you can no longer add hair into the braid, tie it off with a rubber band and let the tail hang. Repeat this on your clipped sections.
B. Second side: If choosing to do an identical side, simply repeat step 5a. For a different look, you’ll horizontally divide your section into two parts. Similar to the first section, start at the hairline and work back but instead of braiding, you’ll just twist the hair, adding pieces as you work back.
Now the mohawk! Unclip your section and begin teasing the roots starting at the crown and working forward to the hairline. Once you’ve reached the hairline, take your hairspray to spray both the sides and top. Use your teasing brush or comb to shape the mohawk so that your sid sections are visible.
With the hair that hangs from your mohawk, use your flat iron or curling iron to create the same beach waves as before.
Add in some small braids randomly throughout the waves and break up your waves.
Adding dreadlock extensions:
Take a 1⁄2” piece of hair from the back section. Loop your dreadlock around the 1⁄2” piece and then divide that piece into three to start a braid. Braid the dread into the natural hair and tie it off with a rubber band.
Adding a headband or headpiece:
Place the headband or piece underneath the free hanging hair from the mohawk, just above your back section.
Finish your completed style by hair spraying the entire head.

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