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 to research as many tribes as possible, and the history of each tribes tattoos and body marking so as not to overlook it in her makeup.
Costuming took a more creative spin on our princess, and she was given a more youthful, well traveled, music festival wardrobe. Clothing covered her entire torso and upper body, giving way to shorts and a leather vest for movement and edge. No loin cloth or flowing tribal prints. She came across beautifully, giving the powerful presence of a leader.
It’s essential, when choosing the members of your creative team, that they understand:
1. What you are trying to portray, as well as
2. The effect that vision can have on the rest of the
world who sees it.
We have all seen the backlash over the “too tan” photoshop fail, or the lack of darker skin tone products
in an artists kit. The artists from hair, makeup and wardrobe should be mindful of racial sensitivity and inclusiveness, and be as educated as possible to the audience the product portrays. One small lighting mistake, one stroke of the brush and mismatch of foundation, and you’ve become the focus of the now popular cancel culture.
So how do you choose your own team?
Look for individuals that are open mined, flexible and aware of the social climate. Do not choose someone who is dismissive of concerns or issues early on. They don’t have to 100% up to date on all world wide opinions but they DO need to understand the value in treading carfully and kindly.
They also need to be able to have fun! If everything we do is neck deep in seriousness your characters and images with be tainted by it. It’s ok to be playful. Don’t be scared to add feahers just because someone somewhere MIGHT be offended. Play with beautiful elements, play with strong colors and dont forget ethnicity is something to be celebrated. Respectfully.
Synergy has put together a creative house of women and men who take pride in the diversity of their work as well as the research that they pour into each client. Asking questions regarding not just the client but the people to be featured in the shoot is of utmost important to Synergy’s team. To get the best shoot, the best picture, the best product for your post, choose a team of creatives that focus on education and innovation to bring out your vision.

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