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ery important: know your time-budget and
manage it on set with confidence!
A schedule brings a level of security on set, and also helps when deciding how to adapt when issues arise. Your timeline will affect your decisions and it will help to be aware of your time budget. Especially when making difficult decisions. When adjusting plans, consult the timeline. Carry it with you 24/7. That thing lives with you now!
Not to mention, countless others (who arent in the know like you are now..) wont have theirs and will come to you asking “when are we....” You’ll look like a rockstar to your directors and managers!
“Your most powerful tool IN THIS SETTING is observation” -jess
The most underrated tools are also the ones we often overlook but need the most!
On set, it is important to utilize our surroundings and be as resourceful as we can. By utilizing our smartphones, the environment around us and even our original ideas/inspirations we can aid in production and sometimes even improve shoots by using our resourcefulness in unexpected ways.
How? We added sticks that we found right there on location to lost boy’s hair. Need compelling depth of field? We used branches in the foreground of images, we even used the lights on our smartphones to add a little more brightness to a close up toy shot! At one point tall sea grass was in the way so I just stood there and held it back! Anything goes! Be resourceful and the opportunities are endless!
tiBps from the tech crew
ring your OWN power bank to set.
Doesn’t matter who you are. The technical crews don’t have extra plug ins for you or even
extra cords for you to borrow.
On set you’ll often find yourself with plenty of down
time either between shots or between set ups and it’s easy to run phone batteries down quickly. Oh, and LABEL all your belongings.
Tip: go to amazon and buy luggage tag or name tags that you can hook onto your belongings like bags, purses, water bottles and wardrobe bags. Eventually you will lose/ forget something. Our Lost and Found is a treasure trove of unidentified belongings. Here’s our favorite tags:
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