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Color grading is not just about making the picture LOOK better. You can do that 100 other ways and never touch the colors...
Color grading is the process of filling in the things a camera just CAN’T. I’m talking about Emotion. Magic. Power. When done correctly an image that has been graded should MOVE the viewer internally.
Every detail adds to the grand experience of the image.
I wont get into the validity of using pre-fab filters right now- just know that the control you have when you create your own grading work will ALWAYS be better. Always. One skin tone is not like another and the light is constantly moving which means shadows and color tones are always moving too. There are so many fantastic avenues of learning color grading and I highly recommend looking into them before just
covering your image with a generic filter.
Learn the rules first so later you can break them correctly.
With the Neverland project we needed to create a world that was believable but did not hinge on the visual realities that we normally accept in our daily lives. (example: blue skies with simple white clouds)
Regarding Tiger Lily we knew her character would be independent and strong but we didn’t want her to lose her rightful femininity. Since we shot her primarily in tall grass lands near the coastline we opted for oranges/yellows, with soft accents of pinks and purples.
The model [Katelynn Davis] had beautiful, even skin and with her native ethnicity we
were able to pull out those undertones of her skin and give her a beautiful sun kissed complexion. You can do this by sampling the portion of skin color you’d like to recognize and then either paint a layer over with a soft edged brush (set to a very low flow) and set the blending mode you prefer OR use that color code to fill the layer and hand brush a mask where you need to color to be. Depending on the size of area I have to work with, I
“Learn the rules first so later you can break them correctly”
prefer hand brushing my layer masks best. I feel it gives me the most control over flow, consistency and fade. (Additionally undoing is much easier via this method- you simply paint back in using the black/white color)

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