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Special Issue
        Summit of the
           April 2021

                  U.S. recovery could be on the horizon,
                  but contradictions abound                                                  INSIDE INSIDER

                                                                                              Global Ports Holding rushes to
                                                                                              transform Nassau into a home port

                                                                                             Rouge Duty Free enters St. Croix with
                                                                                             luxury store
        In a vibrant and colorful promotion, Chinese dancers perform the Dragon Dance in front of the Penha store in Curaçao, as
        the duty free retailer teamed up with Essence Corp and Shiseido to celebrate Chinese New Year. See full story on page 32.

          As of the end of March,   regional travel numbers and   to forge ahead, opening new
       more than 133 million people   forecasts, including a summary of   locations, mounting colorful
       --about 30% of the adults in the   the efforts being taken on behalf   promotions and investing in
       United States -- had received at   of the industry by the associations   innovations for increasing
       least one dose of the coronavirus   from the region – IAADFS, FDFA   efficiencies as they prepare
       vaccine, and President Joe Biden   and ASUTIL --presented at a   for the new normal. In a
       announced that 90% of adults will   Duty Free World Council webinar   far-reaching interview, John
       be eligible to get a vaccine within   earlier this year.  Gallagher speaks with Marcelo
       the next three weeks. This is   Cruising is facing its own   Montico, CEO of Latin
       promising news for the resumption   impasse – the CDC refuses to   American border operator   Duty Free Global’s Barry Geoghegan
                                                                                             doubles down on travel retail worldwide
       of consumer confidence and travel   speed up its opening of U.S.   Neutral by Luryx, about how
       in this market.             waters, so cruise lines are   they—as new owners—view the
          But rising numbers of    bypassing U.S. ports with new   future.
       COVID-19 and its variants   options. We investigate this     On the Supply Side, TMI’s
       are causing new restrictions   development and talk about what   Michael Pasternak speaks at
       in South America, including a   preparations these ports must take   length with spirits distributors
       resurgence in travel bans and   to prepare for embarkations.  serving the Americas market
       national lockdowns. Even in the   Clearly, changes in travel will  from Canada to Argentina --
       U.S., the head of the Centers for   impact travel retail post-COVID   who along with confectionery
       Disease Control and Prevention   and TMI invited some key experts   powerhouse Otis McAllister,
       is issuing dire warnings that the   to discourse on various topics:   and logistics specialist WTDC,
       country could face a 4th wave of   future trends, the watch sector, the  confirm their commitment to
       infections if it rushes to open too   growing importance of wellness   travel retail.
       quickly.                    travel and how to fix broken brand                         MONARQ Group reaches customers
          Against this backdrop, this   ambassador programs.    All this and more, Inside Insider,   with digital innovations
       issue of Travel Markets Insider   Despite the crisis, some   Lois Pasternak,           Plus Products-People-Places
       takes a deep look at global and   operators and suppliers continued   Editor/Publisher      The Insider View
                                                                               1                 April 2021 The Virtual Summit of the Americas Issue
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