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                                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                Retail and News Features

                 COVER COMMENTARY:                                  Rising virus numbers pause
                 U.S. recovery on the horizon?                        South America recovery           Page 31
                                                                    Airport privatizations proceed in Brazil   Page 31
                 NUMBERS & MORE
                 ACI: COVID-19 creates existential crisis for
                   airports and airlines as impact continues   Page 4  SUPPLY SIDE: BEAUTY
                 DFWC: webinar analyzes whether 2021                COVER STORY
                   will be a year of recovery            Page 8     Essence Corp Celebrates Year of the Ox with
                 m1nd-set research reveals shopper trends             Penha Duty Free & Shiseido in Curaçao  Page 32
                   for vaccinated travelers post-COVID   Page 12    Guy Bodart joins Euroluxe to offer
                 U.S. domestic air traffic recovery to be
                   led by JetBlue & Spirit              Page 14       brand-building options in LATAM   Page 34
                                                                    Rituals Cosmetics, new Victorinox fragrance,
                 THE EXPERTS SPEAK                                    Gucci Beauty debuts lip pencils
                 Panos Argyros: planning ahead for                    and eye liners                   Page 35
                   a post-COVID world                   Page 16     Edyta Satchell: Understanding Wellness
                 Mark Lewis-Jones analyzing watch       Page 18       Travel to drive sales and client loyalty   Page 36
                   sales in travel retail in 2020
                 Heidi Van Roon: Brand Partner Program

                   designed to lead airport retail sales revival    Page 20  SPIRITS/CONFECTIONERY/LOGISTICS
 C                                                                  Relationships X3 lead WEBB Banks to powerful
                 Caribbean & Cruise
 M                                                                    new brands and growing business   Page 38
                 Global Ports Holding provides partnership
                   to develop Nassau as a home port     Page 22
 Y                                                                  Tito’s Handmade Vodka revs up giving back  Page 41
                 Bermuda opens its first cruise home port as        Beam Suntory embraces “digital revolution”  Page 42
                   part of its strategic tourism recovery   Page 23  Brown-Forman’s iconic brands cushion
                 Pressure mounts on CDC to lift U.S.                  TR sales decline                 Page 43
 CY                cruise halt                          Page 24     Tariffs impact sales in U.S. and Europe   Page 45
                 Cuban tourism hard hit by pandemic     Page 24
 CMY                                                                MONARQ Group’s digital innovations   Page 46
                 Rouge Duty Free enters St. Croix with
                   luxury store and optimism for future   Page 26
 K                                                                  Duty Free Global “doubles down” on TR   Page 48
                                                                    Wine Classics: staying connected in Canada Page 50
                 LATIN AMERICA                                      Juan Gentile forms new company     Page 52
                 Neutral under new ownership looks                  Family Brands Alliance: stronger together   Page 52
                   ahead with confidence                                         Page 28  Otis McAllister reaffirms commitment
                 Year of economic crisis in Central America                Page 30    to Travel Retail   Page 54
                 Integration Bridge to link Brazil
                   and Paraguay                                                           Page 30
                 Eastern adds airlift to Latin America                          Page 30   WTDC: diversification from core business
                 Grey outlook for TR in LATAM                                   Page 31    delivers added benefits   Page 56

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                                                                               3                 April 2021 The Virtual Summit of the Americas Issue
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