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cities in the age group of 21-45. The  content and have active challenges to  variants Lifetime Health India Plan and
         dominant trigger for women to buy  participate in. It will also provide them  Lifetime Health Global Plan that offers
         health insurance was to safeguard  with their health scores and reward  a high level of protection with Sum
         against immediate medical expense.  points, which customers can collect  Insured ranging from Rs. 50 lakhs to
                                            and redeem for a reduced insurance  Rs. 3 crores to give people financial
         In a significant finding, the survey
                                            premium at the end of the year.    access to cover advanced treatments
         showed that 98% of women believe
                                                                               and procedures, globally for up to 27
         that there should be more women    Kiran Kalakuntla, CEO & Founder,
         health-centric add-ons in polices, such  Ekincare, remarked, "Over the last  major illnesses, and also looks after
         as menstruation/hormonal issues,   few years, there has been a significant  their unique healthcare requirements
         PCOD treatment, mental illness related  increase in uptake of health insurance  for a lifetime."
         to postpartum syndrome and         premiums among customers under the  "Every stage of a lifetime is laden with
         treatment for osteoporosis.        age of 35 years. However, it continues  different health needs and priorities.
                                            to be a discretionary purchase among  The new plan lets a policyholder
         Some of the other major findings of the
         survey:                            the younger population as they tend to  customize the cover he/she needs for
           Financial security in case of    undermine health risks and foresee  their family using optional packages
             medical emergencies is the second  limited need for hospitalisation. By  like Health+, Women+ and Global+
             most important priority among  working with health-insurance      along with Critical Illness rider that
             females (54%) followed by financial  companies to offer our AI driven  provides extensive coverage like
             security for family (60%).     platform, we can help young India to  screenings, vaccinations, and many
                                            understand the importance of having  more healthcare benefits", he farther
           Financial security in case of
                                            health insurance."                 added.
             medical emergencies is important
             in females across age groups (21-                      Health Meghalaya Govt. paid Rs.
             35 years & 36-45 years) and for  ManipalCigna
             both single and married.       Insurance            launches 256           crore      premium
           75% of the women covered had     Lifetime Health India and towards health insurance
             health insurance.
                                            Global Plan                        scheme
           6 of 10 women had individual
                                            ManipalCigna Health Insurance has  The Meghalaya government has paid
                                            recently announced the launch of their  over Rs. 256 crore as premium towards
           More than half (57%) of the policies  'Lifetime Health' plan taking into  the Meghalaya Health Insurance
             were purchased during the last one  consideration increasing incidences of  Scheme. Health Minister A.L. Hek said
             year, with three of four with Rs. 15  healthcare problems, and the rising  that Rs. 165.1 crore has been claimed
             lakh coverage.                 costs, and to address the current  till last month by 2.33 lakh patients
                                            concerns that consumers have.      undergoing treatment in the
         Ekincare with Bharti AXA                                              empanelled hospitals in the state.
                                            The company states that this 'Lifetime
         General             Insurance      Health' regular premium renewable  "Total claim amount paid as of
         launches fitness app &             plan is thoughtfully designed after a  February  26,  2021,  is  Rs.
                                            period of research. Kkeeping in mind  165,10,89,675 and total premium paid
         portal                             the increasing healthcare incidences  as of March 1, 2021, is Rs.
         Ekincare, a healthtech startup, has  and cost, the plan offers the benefit of  256,97,14,558.88," Hek added.
         recently announced its collaboration  high coverage, optional packages and  Meghalaya's health insurance scheme
         with Bharti AXA General Insurance to  provides a comprehensive healthcare  was implemented in convergence with
         launch a fitness app and portal, Bharti  financing solution to secure an  the 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya
         AXA Wellness Cupp aiming to motivate  individual's and a family's domestic and  Yojana' from 2019. The State
         its users to lead a healthy life.  global healthcare requirements at  Government is giving Rs. 1,630 per
         This wellness app and portal will help  every stage of life.          household and over 56.46% of the
         the customers keep a track of their  Prasun Sikdar, Managing Director &  State's households have registered
         daily fitness levels, manage       CEO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance  under the scheme as of March 1,
         dependents, provide personalised   remarked, "The plan comes with 2   2021.

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