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           The history of Surety Bond has a very interesting history dating back to 2,750 BC when the first known contract was
           recorded on a Mesopotamian tablet. The recoding of the contract reveal that a farmer being called for the king's
           army, hence a second farmer who agreed had to work in the fields, while agreeing to split the profits equally. A local
           merchant provided surety; he guaranteed that the second farmer would keep his word. He thereby being the world's
           first surety. Moving on in 1837, William L. Haskins formed the New York Guarantee Company, which was the first surety
           company in America. During the growth of the Surety Bond industry, there have been large amounts insured as the $
           100 million bond used by Westpac Derivative Products Ltd, in 1993 and earn highest ratings in business. Likewise, the
           Surety Bond industry has seen its share of large losses in its history. AIG and Travelers have paid a huge sum of $900
           million to Enron customers following the crash. Similarly, Bondfield, Carillion and Astaldi claims being large Surety Bond
           claims in Canada have significantly affected the market.
           While considering the current impact of Covid-19 on the Surety Bond market globally, this market apart from other
           liability lines are likely to be affected by large-scale settlement delays, dwindling credit facilities and probable
           insolvencies. We could expect a material impact on this class of business this year. The impact of large losses are set to
           affect reinsurers also in the current year.
           In this paper I like to discuss the Global Surety Bond market, drivers to boost this business growth, analysis of the
           market in top countries in the world, how the market is set to boom in India as a new business and SWOT analysis of
           the market. Further the role of Information Technology to address the challenges in the risk management; underwriting
           and policy management functions are discussed. The role of electronic bond issuance and new Information Technology
           themes set to change Surety Bond market are discussed at length.

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           Kanya Saraswathy Chandrasekaran                    The Surety market is gradually transforming from a country
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