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GOLF OPENS                 COURSE EDITORIAL                                                                                                S U B S C R I B E

           The  Arnold  Palmer  designed  Palmer  North       you are about to do. tRanked regularly in the      European  Golf.  With  Opens  on  the  Palmer

           Course  is  quite  simply,  one  of  Europe’s  most   top  3  parkland  golf  courses  in  Ireland,  this   North  (Ryder  Cup  Course)  on  Sundays
           spectacular courses. It charms, it entices and     Arnold Palmer designed golf haven is a must        throughout the Summer, now is the ideal time
           invariably,  brings  out  the  very  best  in  your   play  ‘badge  of  honour’  that  has  hosted  the   to  play  this  stunning  Championship  Golf

           game.  It  is  unlikely  that  you  will  be  asked  to   top golf players in the world.. The Ryder Cup in   Course.
           tackle  the  course  from  the  championship       2006,  the  2016  Dubai  Duty  Free  Irish  Open
                                                                                                                 For  bookings,  please  contact  the  golf  team
           tees,  but  this  should  in  no  way  diminish  the   where  we  saw  Rory  McIlroy’s  European  Tour
                                                                                                                 today on:
           excitement of pitting your wits against Arnold     Shot of the Year and 11 European Opens testify
           Palmer,  for,  in  a  sense,  this  is  precisely  what   the  importance  of  Palmer  North  Course  to   P: +3531 6017301  or visit:
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