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                                                                                                                                                    S U B S C R I B E E
         GOLF OPENS                   PRODUCT REVIEW                                                                                                S U B S C R I B
         GOLF OPENS
                                                                                                                                                    S U B S C R I B E
         accidental  button  pushes.  The  LCD  screen  includes  an  extra  battery     The arrival of the M7 REMOTE trolley follows the recent launch of the M5
         meter indicating the capacity of the handset, with the handset able to          GPS,  the  world’s  first  compact  electric  trolley  with  fully  integrated  GPS
         clip onto the trolley frame for convenient access and storage.                  built  into  a  super-responsive  touchscreen  with  fingertip  control.  This

                                                                                         flagship model also comes in a Downhill Control version, the M5 GPS DHC
         Equipped with a wider wheel-base than standard M-Series models, the
                                                   M7  REMOTE  has  a  handset           They form part of a transformed M-Series trolley range for 2020, all with a

                                                   range of up to 50-metres. A           free Accessory Station inclusive. The range includes a new look M1 model
                                                   pair of anti-skid rear wheels         – the world’s simplest-to-use compact trolley – featuring an anti-glare
                                                  and  an  extra  (removable)            LCD  screen,  Adjustable  Distance  Control  up  to  45  yards,  USB  charging
                                              anti-tip wheel at the back ensure          and innovative inverted wheels. It also comes in a M1 DHC version that

                                                optimal stability on all terrains.       takes the impressive features of the M1 and adds Downhill Control, plus
                                                  Powered by a next generation           an electronic parking brake. These sought-after features are also shared

                                                  High  Power  28.8V  system,  it        by  the  new  M3  PRO  DHC  model,  with  all-terrain  wheels  added  to  the
                                                 has  nine  speed  settings,  a          game-enhancing benefits of the feature-packed M3 PRO trolley that also
                                                 speed  indicator  and  battery          offers three distance measurements, security lock, a USB charging port
                                              meter,  plus  a  super-lightweight         and a full-colour screen. At the premium end of the range is the M-TECH

                                          Lithium  battery  (IP66  water  &  dust        trolley  that  blends  unrivalled  performance  with  luxury  finishes  and
                                                         rating)  that  can  be          striking design for world-class golf club transportation.
                                                            charged     without
                                                                                         Available from next month, the M7 REMOTE comes with a graphite frame
                                                              being  removed.
                                                                                         and ULTRA Lithium battery at €1,199.99 RRP
                                                               The  handle  can
                                                               also  be  easily          .
                                                                                         For more information on the Motocaddy free bag promotion, please visit
                                                               adjusted  to  a
                                                                                 or follow @MotocaddyGolf

                                                              range  of  heights         on social media.
                                                             to suit all golfers.
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