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        Hosta Liners Waiting For Warm Spell

        20 years from the date of the application, not from the date   kind of idiot naming. Supposedly it’s to keep us from using
        of issue. That is what the law says. According to that, the   the common name in English in advertising and in the future
        patent  for Limelight Hydrangea should have run out this   when the patent has run out. I suppose it’s like that nursery
        year. I can’t find the date of the application, just the date of   that kept putting expired patent numbers on plants to scare
        issue. But if it takes anywhere near to a year to get it issued,   us away from propagating them. A practice which is against
        Limelight is done. Time to make your own cuttings? It’s up to   the law as I understand it.
        you; do your own research first. I am not a lawyer.
                                                                Because I had decided long ago to pot our rooted cuttings
        Anyway, what brought this to my mind was Larry ordered   into 1 gallons during the winter, this gets us extra and early
        some Hydrangea paniculata Limelight Prime ‘Smnhph’      growth starting in February. Plants like Japanese Hollies,
        PP32511. No ‘Smnhph’ is not misspelled, that is what is printed   Azaleas, Crape Myrtles and things like Forsythia respond so
        on the webpage. It’s a new day! One I didn’t expect. A plant   well to it. We get a really noticeable size advantage from
        breeder finally did it, came up with a name that is totally   it. However, there is a danger in the process, and it has
        unpronounceable. They have gone beyond a “noise for a   reared its ugly head again this year. Fertilizer-sensitive plants
        name” that I have been accusing them of. It’s even beyond   like azaleas begin to show soluble salt damage in March.
        gibberish, it’s just a useless string of letters. They have out   Because high temperatures in the clear covered poly houses
        done the singer, “formerly known as Prince” who for a time   have caused the slow-release fertilizer to “dump”. The cure is
        used an unpronounceable symbol for his name. Also, the US   to watch closely for any signs of damage and anticipate it,
        patent office ought to be slapped down for allowing such   by keeping a close eye on high temperatures during sunny
        foolishness. Shame on us as an industry if we go along with   days. About the time there is an inch or so growth on the
        this kind of stuff. I just found 3 more hydrangeas with this                                 (continued on next page)

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