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                                             Membership Matters.

                                             Have you noticed? The MNLGA began using that tagline almost two years ago
                                             when we developed a new membership promotion and corresponding information
                                             kit. You’ll see this branding in a lot of the materials we distribute as well as on our
                                             website.  In two words, we attempt to sum that you, your business, your level of
                                             engagement, your ability to network and receive continuing education amongst a
                                             peer network of industry professionals, your ability to influence regulations and laws…
                                             it all matters. And it matters a great deal.

                                             We’ve many members to thank for their involvement with this year’s General
                                             Assembly. There were several fairly onerous bills that would have drastically impacted
                                             your business had MNLGA members not stepped up to educate lawmakers and
                                             lobbyists on the implications of their intended actions. We were able to kill several
        VANESSA A. FINNEY                    pieces of legislation and have others amended to help protect your interests. If you
        Executive Director
                                             did not receive the MNLGA’s weekly Legislative Update, you may find the final session
                                             summary on the MNGLA website.

                                             Speaking of the website,, if you have not visited it in a while, now
                                             would be a good time; in mid-April the MNLGA launched its new site. The site is easier
                                             to navigate for the end user and is a lot more streamlined and efficient for those of
                                             us working on the backend. We will continue to use the site to promote membership
                                             events, a portal for joining or renewing membership, communicating industry
                                             information, providing business resources, and for event registration.

                                             Using your member credentials, you can access the MNLGA Affinity Program (details
                                             on page 70 of this issue), search for other members, and access the Social Media
                                             Toolkit. This toolkit provides the basics on how to set up multiple social media
                                             platforms and also provides seasonal content, so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

                                             On the educational programming horizon, the MNLGA offices and committee
                                             members are working on three events this summer. Biocontrol on June 30 (at the
                                             Maritime Institute); Greenhouse Growers Day (Tidal Creek Growers, Earleville) on
                                             July 14, and Field Day (Longwood Gardens) on September 13. Check you in-box and
                                             MNLGA website for more information on these events. Our Chessie Green committee
                                             will also soon meet to begin Chessie 2023 programming. Mark your calendars now
                                             for February 16 and 17 at the Maritime.

                                             In closing, I’d like to express my appreciation for all of the MNLGA’s members. You are
                                             the glue of Maryland’s ornamental horticulture industry, and I am very proud to work
                                             for and with you, many of whom I consider not just colleagues, rather friends.
                                             Happy Spring. Stay Busy! A

                                             In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. – Margaret Atwood

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