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                                             W          elcome to the 2022 season. We share a new beginning as COVID

                                                        begins to fade. Our industry gained some weight as consumers filled
                                                        their yards with products and services during their time at home.
                                             We have prepared for the busy spring with a degree of uncertainty in the labor
                                             and supply chains. Our pointed pencils worked down as we rewrote our pricing
                                             structure to account for inflation.
                                             With all of the in-house adjustments to our bookkeeping and production scenarios
                                             our legislators continued introducing new bills in the House and  Senate. You can
                                             rest assured that the MNLGA board works hard to push back on the bills offering
                                             no sense and working diligently to help craft the bills with merit. Our wisdom in
                                             the field can move our legislators in line with the information needed to develop a
                                             symbiotic plan to co-exist with the shifting environment and its challenges. When
                                             conversing with these representatives it is often mentioned that they need more
        JOHN MURPHY                          input from their constituents on matters relating to ornamental horticulture. A
        Murphy John's, Inc.                  letter written with your concerns or a phone call to their staff goes miles toward
                                             their decision making behind our laws. If you are not sure how to correspond with
                                             our legislators you can request a draft letter for editing from the MNLGA board.
                                             Kudos to Maryland Agriculture for bringing nature into so many lives during these
                                             pressing times. Our commitment to the environment is forefront in our business
                                             plans thanks to the thoughtful decisions by our business owners in the trade. We
                                             have the ingredients to grow a better environment within our state of Maryland.
                                             Our members in the Green Industry have done a great job to make people feel
                                             comfortable at home. Our commitment to provide a safe, reliable, and affordable
                                             landscape in their backyards has not gone unnoticed. The value we have placed
                                             on our homes is rising.
                                             Many thank yous to our governor for keeping the green industry alive during the
                                             pandemic. His decision to place our businesses as “essential” goes to show how
                                             important the contributions our industry makes are to the social well being.
                                             Our youth have increased their exposure to gardening in the past couple of years.
                                             The Universities have noted an increase in enrollment into horticultural classes.
                                             This new interest by our youth can energize various sectors of the green industry.
                                             E-commerce and landscapes with environmental restoration and preservation as
                                             a goal will likely be front and center on this roster. The past couple years has set
                                             the stage for our industry to continue a pattern of growth. We should seize this
                                             opportunity to engage our youth with their vision of the green industry. Let us give
                                             these students the ability to move gardening into the future.

                                             The MNLGA’s education committee continues to offer some of the best programs
                                             in the country. Speakers from all around the country appear at our functions
                                             with up-to-date information on growing techniques, marketing, and business
                                             management strategies.

                                              Thank you for your support and have a healthy, productive, and profitable
                                             season. A

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