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Hello friends! Sorry I’ve been away. But then I guess we’ve all been hunkered down to some degree or another. As I consider that it has been just over a year now that we’ve been saddled with this pan- demic, it is incredible how we’ve all had to make adjust- ments to our lives and how we go about our days. But most of all it is amazing to think that is has been a year now. I re- member writing one column in the last spring where I made a reference to the pan- demic and wondered at the moment if it would be out- dated by the time the issue was printed and delivered to your mailbox. I had no clue that a year later we’d be where we are now.
Just like every other business,
Meat Illustrated and
Chicken Bible
publishing slowed down as well. I’ve always used a book when it gets listed on Amazon as an indicator that it is widely available and frankly there just weren’t as many books in the Outdoor Cooking category in these past few months. Adding to that was the many people who were laid off or furloughed at pub- lishing houses, particularly the PR and publicity folks who are the main contacts for peo- ple like me. But there is good news coming, as new books from Rodney Scott, Mitch Benjamin, Chris Sussman, Bill Gillespie and Myron Mixon are due out soon. We’ll look forward to telling you about those books in upcoming is- sues.
In the meantime, I do have a pair of excellent books from one of the publishers that seemed to keep offering new releases – America’s Test
Kitchen, which is the multimedia home to the magazines, books, web sites and TV shows like Cook’s County and Cook’s Illustrated. The first book was released under the Cook’s Illustrated brand, “Meat Illustrated: A Foolproof Guides to Understanding and Cooking With Cuts of All Kinds” ($40, 440 pp.). It is jam-packed with information, graphics and pictures and covers the subject in four chap- ters: Beef & Veal, Pork, Lamb and Ground Meat. Those chapters get broken down into subsections under each; for instance, in the chapter on Pork, there is Blade Shoulder, Arm Shoulder, Pork Loin, Side and Leg. It’s in each of these subsections where you’ll find a wide range of recipes per- taining to each. You’re likely already familiar with this pub-
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