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The mission of the California Barbecue Association is to teach, enjoy, preserve, and promote barbeque as a true American food. To help vari- ous children’s charities in California by conducting barbecue events throughout the state of California.
Board of Directors
Craig Yeszin, Tom Gearhart, Kyle Casazza, Rick Mysse, Stephen Biggs, Dennis Daniel, Melanie Price, Matt Bergen
Craig Yeszin,, VICE PRESIDENT Thomas Gearhart, Treasurer
Jim Kirchner, SECRETARY
Melanie Price,
Non-BoD Appointees
Eric Gorham, MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR Marcia Montgomery, Business Membership
Tracy Allen, SMOKIN’ TIMES EDITOR Kathleen McIntosh,
         CBBQA Yearly Membership
Regular Membership..................$36.00 Business Membership..$75.00
President’s Corner
Greeting fellow members,
It is hard to believe we are already in April! It seems just last week we were ringing in the New Year. The COVID restrictions seem to be easing so I am sure we are all extremely excited for the BBQ season to get started. As we usher in the Golden State Battle III double contest, these will be the first two California contests of the year. Also were happy to be able to bring back Kids Q & the Dessert category on Saturday. Whether judging or com- peting we only have a limited number of spots this year so make sure to sign up soon.
More exciting news is our class coordinators have some awesome virtual classes planned on being hosted via Zoom. They will be available in the next couple of months so be on the lookout for these classes as they become available.
We are very proud to announce a new TOY Steak category for all you SCA Cooks! Please check the website in next week for all the details & rules.
Be sure to announce your “desire to compete” before the next contest by emailing with your team’s name, head cook’s name & phone number.
I am sure all the teams will be knocking the dust off & cooking to get their mojo back over the next six weeks. Judges, get ready for some of that amaz- ing Que you’ve all been missing.
Until next month, stay safe, keep them fires lit & your smoke thin!!!
Craig Yeszin President, California Barbeque Association - 20
APRIL 2021

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