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lisher’s publications so I’ll just assure you the recipes are presented in the same concise, tested way as you’d expect. Among my favorites were the entries for Barbecue Burnt Ends (with such a convincing full-color picture of the fin- ished dish that I wanted to lick the page), Grilled Boneless Short Ribs with Argentine Pepper Sauce, Cuban-Style Grill- Roasted Pork, Jerk Pork Ribs and Spiced Red-Pepper Rubbed Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops. There are almost 400 recipes in the book so I’m sure you’ll find your favorites as well.
The second book is “The Chicken Bible: Say Goodbye to Boring Chicken with 500 Recipes for Easy Dinner, Braises, Wings, Stir-Fries, and So Much More” ($40, 544 pp.). So if you wondered how come the first book had no entries for poultry, well here’s your answer. This book is ex- haustive when it comes to everything chicken.
Unlike “Meat Illustrated”, “The Chicken Bible” has 16 chap- ters divided into every which way you can prepare a chicken. Roasted/baked/broiled/fried/sautéed in or on a grill/instant pot/frying pan/slow cooker for a entrée/salad/sandwich/taco/stews/stir fry/curry. The recipes in the chapter titled On The Grill are divided by Boneless Chicken Parts, Bone-In Chicken Parts, Whole Chickens, Turkey, Sides and Recipe Extras and Sauces, Glazes, and Spice Rubs. The other chapters are divvied up similarly as applicable. I loved the fact that there was room for chicken done Alabama-style, Cornell and Huli Huli, as well as a sidetrip to the Mid-South for Kentucky Bourbon- Brined Grilled Chicken.
So there you have it, two great books to get you by for just a bit longer. Enjoy these in the meantime and stay tuned.
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