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The Statesmen are constantly making friends and they helped a team from the Netherlands with their equipment needs so they could compete at the SCA World Championships. They even set- up next to them to make sure they had everything they needed and someone to
lief (OBR). OBR provides BBQ, cooked and served by volunteers, to people that have been through a natural disaster throughout the US. BBQ is the universal food and the work that OBR and their army of volunteers does is greatly needed and appreciated.
talk too. Just one more example of who The Statesmen are. Their advice is to not take it too seriously as it is about the sport and camaraderie, not the dollars. After cooking in AR, IA, IL, KS, MN, TX and WI with the States- men, Dick recog- nized the need to grow the SCA in MN and added SCA Rep to his resume.
Dick, Larry, Duane, and Linda have all volunteered with Operation BBQ Re-
Left to Right – The Dutch BBQ Crew - Rene Ausema and Remko Winkelaar
Dick Dahlen with his Minnesota BBQ Society Organizer of the Year Award
Dick has been in- volved with the Big Island Rendezvous and Festival for the 32 years. The event in Albert Lea, MN of- fers over 3,000 stu- dents each year a hands-on historical look into early Amer- ican history. He worked with sponsors of the KCBS BBQ con- test and the SCA con- test to raise funds to help pay for the bussing costs of the students that proved to be a barrier to them attending this unique learning ex- perience. Adding to Dick’s long list of awards and recogni-
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tion, at the SCA World Championship held in March 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas, SCA Founders Brett Gallaway and Ken Phillips hon- ored Dick by awarding him the Mayor’s Award recognizing his ac- complishments in starting the SCA in Minnesota. Congratulations Dick!
The Statesmen have accomplished many things and definitely have left the sport of competitive cooking a better place for all those that have encountered them. I’ll leave you with a few quotes that highlight what Statesmen are all about.
“Be patient and willing to share and teach” ... Dick Dahlen “That’s a good Red hawk habitat” ... Larry Dahlen
“You have been Larry’ed” ... A friend of Larry Dahlen “There’s Dick’s story, There’s Larry’s story, There’s Duane’s story and I will tell you the truth” ... Linda Shores
“The ever-changing Dick Dahlen” ... A friend of Dick Dahlen “Be Prepared” (Dick) ... or Not (Larry)” ... A friend of the Dahlen Brothers
“Silent One” ... Dick Dahlen’s Boy Scout Indian Name
In the world of BBQ ... it’s the people you meet ... and the friends you make.
“Cheers and Safe Travels” Left to Right – Statesmen Dick and Larry Dahlen
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