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 Mn in May is back in May!
 After a crazy 2020, we are happy to announce MN in May will be held in May at the isanti county fairgrounds. We are happy to have a competition that has not only survived but it has grown!
2021 will include:
A judges class on Thursday evening.
A kid's que, a one meat category (ribs) and a turkey smoke category on friday evening.
A mentorship program between teams from master series, backyard series and judges.
There will be a full KCBS backyard competition and a full
Backyard RGC: Meatyyo-Q’rs
KCBS master series comp on saturday. With a total purse of over $16,000.00 cash and prizes!
Spots are filling up fast. Come and join us!
Register online at
We look forward to seeing you there! - 30
APRIL 2021
Pro RGC: Spitfire
Backyard GC: The Great Pig in the Sky
Your 2020 GC pro division winners Rum n Smoke

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