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 Ben Arnot
BBQ Podcast Guru
  For a totally new and unique per- spective on the BBQ scene, you need to do yourself a favour and check out The BBQ Talks Show. Hosts Matt Osborne and Ryan Guinea hail the land of merry old England, but they don’t let the rainy weather stop them from get- ting out there on their grills and sharing low’n’slow barbecue with all their friends and family. In fact, the lads love BBQ so much, they started their podcast to spread the love even further and wider.
The style of the show is very casual
and the lads take a humorous ap-
proach to the BBQ scene. They make a point of ensuring that the guest is at the forefront of each episode, focussing on who they are, what they do, and how they do it. And speaking of the guests, they span the full gambit of the BBQ scene. Matt and Ryan are always willing to share their own passion for BBQ with anyone who shares their passion for outdoor cooking. It doesn’t matter if it’s an up and comer at the start of
their BBQ journey,
or big hitters within
the industry. Guests
like Meathead, Mar-
cus Bawdon and
Greg Rempe are just
a few examples.
In addition, they also have ‘special episodes’ where they will focus on a particular aspect or niche within the BBQ industry. One such example fea-
tured Russell Gill from The Rusty BBQ Co. Russell and the lads got together to discuss the important role that BBQ can play in mental health as a part of the #cuetogether movement. It’s episodes such as this that show that Matt and Ryan really understand the true power of BBQ, and the power that they hold as broadcasters to share that power with the wider community.
The BBQ Talks Show
Link: podcast/the-bbq-talks-show/id1527583310
Another thing that the lads like to do differently, is that all their shows are done live. Shows include the hosts discussing what they’ve been cooking that week to inter- guests, expert panels, and even live
views with one or more
crosses to people’s backyard to see what they are cooking while watching the live show. Very meta!
Episodes are typically just over an hour in length and are published weekly. There are also sporadic bonus episodes, which are a lot of fun too. You can find the lads on
YouTube, which is where you’ll need to catch them if you want to be a part of the live recordings, Facebook, and all of the podcasting apps including Apple Podcasts and Spo- tify. Do yourself a favour and catch the next live episode on Saturday at 20:30 GMT. I’ll see you there!
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