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a beautiful knife from Route 83, a golden ticket to the 2022 SCA championships, and a beautiful hand-crafted trophy shaped like the state of Florida. Oh yeah, you also win a large Big Green Egg! The ancillary anything seafood paid $200 cash and a Green Egg Mini!
When we first started cooking steaks in the SCA we were lucky to find a rub and cooking process that helped us win and do well for quite a while. We took a little break in com- peting and when we came back things had changed and we were lucky to even get a call. If you cook in competitions this will happen and you have to go back to the drawing board. For a year and a half we tried everything we could think of and still had very little sucess. We were hoping to get some good results before heading to Texas so we could at least have a little confidence on the big stage.
Well, the stars and the good mojo showed up and we got lucky enough to come out on top in a group of fantastic
steak cookers. It was cool winning this contest but the best feeling of all was the response from all my friends and teams that showed the love and congratulations. Those good feelings were overwhelming. It’s always more fun riding home after doing well but this was spe- cial. I will be smiling for a while thanks to our cooking family. And let me tell you about this Route 83 knife. These are custom made and absolutely beautiful. They have be- come a sponsor for the SCA and if you win a contest, you get one. I am truly proud to add this knife to my arsenal. It is so pretty I actually plan to order a few more so I can leave this one in the trophy case. Look up Route 83 knives. You will be impressed.
  Dana “big papa” Hillis
BBQ From Florida
We made a trip to the SCA championship a couple years ago and had an awesome time. We qualified to go back last year and could not make the trip so we are really thrilled about going back this year. We debated should we drive the motor home or the truck and the rising cost of diesel fuel helped us decide. The $60.00 round trip airline tickets would be the affordable way to go. We were lucky our good friends Chuck and Kitty Dolan were pulling there trailer out to Fort Worth and had room to take our equipment. We are flying in and getting a rental car and a room. We are traveling and being as thrifty as we can and this trip is still costing over $2000. If you plan to come to the champi- onships next year save up some traveling funds and go if you can. It is one of the best events ever!
We went for a final warm up cook in St. Augustine at the North Florida Egg Fest. James Simmons goes all out to make everyone proud to be there and compete. $1000 cash, - 32
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