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 words. To me, that adds legiti- macy. After sharing his story in the introduction, he opens with a primer on the Keto diet and then dives into the dishes, dividing his chapters by food type (Chicken and Other Birds, Pork, Beef, Veg- etables & Greens, Apps & Snacks, Condiments, and Drinks). I loved how he added a subject at the end of the book titled “A Note About Restaurants & Exercise”. I also ap- preciate his honesty for opening the book with facing full-page pic- tures, one labeled “before Keto” and the other “after Keto”. The dif- ference seen in the pics alone is striking.
Once you’ve taken in all the infor-
mation on the Keto diet, you basi-
cally are diving into a book on
barbecue. The familiar recipes – Smoked Pork Shoulder, Competition Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Brisket and Burnt Ends – are all there. There’s a few differences for sure but you’ll be surprised at just how few there might be. Last month I had the occasion to tell you about a great book about gut health so it’s a bit of a double-down to talk about this book now. Myron Mixon is a champion of bar- becue and he’s been generous in his previous books to show us how. Now he is a champion of getting healthy and once again he is sharing his accumulated knowledge with us. For that, I say thank you Myron Mixon.
Will you be gifting to someone on this upcoming Father’s Day one of those snazzy Blackstone griddles that are all the rage right now? Or do you anticipate receiving that same griddle as a gift for Father’s Day? Or are you or your family/loved ones a bit on the thrifty side and instead will be gifted/gifting a griddle well below the Blackstone’s $400 price point, say perhaps a perfectly fine, made-in- the-U.S.A. Lodge cast iron griddle? If any of these scenar- ios fit you or yours, then I’ve got the companion cookbook you’ll need for that griddle – “The Griddle Cookbook: Delicious, Flavor-Packed Recipes for Flat Top Grilling” by Loic Hanno ($24.95, Ulysses Press, 144 pp.).
“The Griddle Cookbook” was first published last year in France and has been translated into an English-language version that’s been released this year. That background info provides the insight into the recipes collected in these pages, grouped by chapters noting places rather than food types. Following a wide-ranging introduction, the chapters are Europe (Portuguese Shrimp, Mediter- ranean Vegetables), Maghreb and the Middle East (Shawarma, Keftas), Asia (Chicken Tikka, Jeyuk Bokkeum)
JUNE 2021
and America and the Caribbean (Pork Loin Chops with Cuban Mojo Sauce, Sea Bream Fillet with Mango Sauce). There’s a lot of cre- ative recipes that go way beyond the standard hamburgers and hot dog. That’s what I really liked about this book, how it practically pushes you into a creative space.
I also really liked the graphic de- sign of this book. Not only did practically every recipe come with a full-color picture of the finished dish but there are also step-by- step pics that guide you through the recipe. That’s important in a book that introduces so many dif- ferent styles, ingredients and techniques.
So if you’re the giftee of that new
griddle, act surprised when you re- ceive it but also have this book pre-purchased. For even
though it is Father’s Day, we all know who is likely fixing dinner.
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