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 can cover whatever you and your family would like to cook. Whether it’s tailgating at the next football game, competing at a food competition or somewhere in between, Green Mountain Grills has you covered. We are happy to have GMG as part of the SCA family.
Hassell’s Ancillary Points Chase
If you are like me, then you are loving the Hassell’s Ancillary Points Chase. Golden Tickets are flying “off the shelves” into the hands of some highly creative cooks. This enthusiasm is evident as you look over the points chase as well. It may appear Will Collier is running away with the points championship, but you can never count Tona Pendray and Kyle Matuszewski as they both know this is a marathon and not a sprint. The rest of the field is full of hun- gry competitors looking to gain that top spot becoming World Champ. Rounding out the rest of the Top 5 is Bobby Oliver and Lori Davis, looking to push this summer to the limits gaining ground on the rest. Tied for 6th is Brandon Cain and the Steak Princess, Rylee Wright, both looking to hold off Randy McKnight. Everyone will need to keep a watchful eye on Kyle Lee, Sarah Watkins, Craig Carter, and Steve Tanck as they plan their summer- time moves.
ACE Hardware Points Chase
This month is a new look for the points, giving us the average for the Top 10. Cream always rises to the top as does consistency. Everyone wants to win their golden ticket not to mention every contest they enter. But realism sets in and we seek to be as consis- tent as possible. This is what we see with the Top 10 list (although they have won a fair amount). Still holding down the top spot is Marc Siemers and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His lock on the top isn’t secure if Layne Holmes and Scott Nardi have anything to say about it. However, Sandy Brown is looking to be the first woman to win the points championship, twice. The rest of the field, Will Collier, Jessica Barnes, and Rusty Hadacek are chomping at the bit to advance past the reigning champ on their climb to first. Mark Johnson, Paul Perpich, and Marty Plute know the sum- mer has just begun and will be hot on the heels of those in their way to becoming champ. Stay tuned to the chase, because the summer isn’t the only thing heating up.
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