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Keto BBQ
  Doug Mosley
Resident Book Guru
Happy Dad’s Day to all the awe- some fathers! It’s your day to relax and let others cater to you, right? Somebody will certainly be working on a sumptuous barbe- cue dinner with all the fixin’s in honor of this annual celebration.
Umm, not likely. Sure, there will be a ceremonial presentation of Father’s Day gifts and cards but then everyone is likely to look at you with longing eyes and say, “What will you be grilling for supper?”. Well, that’s not neces- sarily a bad thing because at my house that meant I got to cook whatever I wanted on Father’s Day and no one was permitted to voice a complaint or “I’d rather have..”. (If you have a teenager
and a pre-teen like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.)
So since it’s Father’s Day, how fitting would it be to cook from a book authored by the Mac Daddy of barbecue (that’s a moniker I just now put on him), Myron Mixon. I’ll spare you the drawn- out bio on the author because we all know his story (if you don’t, I’m assuming you’re reading Bar- becue News Magazine for the very first time). However, there’s a whole other chapter to be told and it’s is put into print in the new book, “Keto BBQ: Real Bar- becue for a Healthy Lifestyle” ($24.99, Abrams Books, 200 pp.), which Mixon co-authored with Kelly Alexander.
How did somebody anointed as “the winningest man in barbecue” come to write a book on doing ‘cue healthy? Mixon shares the details about a visit with his doctor back in August 2018 where the suggestion was made to lose weight, something many of us have likely also heard. As he discussed his options with his physician, talk turned to the Keto diet. Now bouncing forward almost three years later, Mixon has lost 100 pounds and speaks about the dif- ference that has made for him. I have to tell you, my first thought after reading this is if this is the barbecue that Myron Mixon is eating now, then it has to be pretty good.
As a past recipient of our Barbecue News Magazine Barbe- cue Book of the Year Award, Mixon is obviously an accom- plished author. The quality of his previous books is present in “Keto BBQ” as well. I’ve always appreciated how Mixon’s books are written as if he were speaking the - 16
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