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Building The Sport Of Steak Cookoffs!
 Summer Is for Grilling Up Some Memories
As we head in this summer season where the average temperature seems to be 12 feett from the Sun, it is, for many, the best time of the year. For the kids, there’s no more school and for the adults, well, we have some vacation time to take. As we reflect back, some of our most happy memories took place in the Summer. Staying out with our friends till dark and our dads firing up the grill on the weekends.
On those grills were some of the best (and worst) hamburgers or hotdogs we’ve ever had. But it isn’t the food we remember, it’s the time spent with family and friends at those cookouts that linger in our minds as we sip an iced tea. Memorial Day saw the long week- end of family as dad grilled up the steaks for this special day of re- membrance.
Father’s Day was nothing like Mother’s Day, just a month earlier.
That second Sunday of May, we “tried” to wait on Mom hand and foot. We would take her to dinner, buy her flowers and treat her like the queen of the castle she was. But on Father’s Day, if we went out for dinner, we kids were kind enough to let Dad pay for everyone. Otherwise, we allowed him the honor of grilling up a nice afternoon lunch for all of us.
July 4th the grills were hot again with the all-American hotdog on the grates. Dad wearing his “Kiss the Cook” apron was a site to be- hold as he tried to keep dinner from rolling off the grill. When the time came, we would line up with our paper plates ready to enjoy a feast. Then get the lawn chairs out to watch the main attraction of the evening, fireworks.
Today, for us reading this magazine, summer is much more than what was mentioned above. We include SCA competitions to keep those grills almost as hot as the summer heat. We bring our fami- lies along and make each SCA weekend a true family affair. Cook- ing up more, perhaps different, summertime memories than we had as kids. As dads and moms coach their kids during kid’s ques, summertime memories are being made which will last a lifetime. Summers are simply made for grilling up some memories. Go make a bunch this summer and let us know about them at the next SCA event.
Event Spotlight
As we watch the SCA grow around the world, we are excited to see events in places we do not normally visit. Such is the case with the Central Maine Steak Cookoff. Move over lobsters, ribeyes are tak- ing the center stage the weekend of June 19th in Skowhegan, Maine. The SCA representative for this will be the Mayor of the SCA and co-founder, Ken Phillips. If you need more information, contact Jason Gayne. Otherwise, log into and get signed up. We are looking forward to seeing you at this Upper New England event.
Business Partner
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