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night and Saturday. It's great to see many of the same judges join us year over year, and to see the new judges from last year return again!
Jeremy Dockendorf - President
Minnesota in May 2021 was one to remember. It was a ton of fun to
bring in more
teams, more
judges, and more con- tests this year. We added two new contests on Friday night to get things started:
We hosted a #TurkeySmoke contest put on by National Turkey Federation - they’re doing big things with KCBS! We also had a One Meat Ribs contest featuring the Compart Family Farms Chal-
lenge. These organi-
zations are great
supporters of BBQ!
Steve Lauer - Director
Kids Que is always a big thing for us as they are the future of our sport. Here Hanna and Sam are busily prepping their dishes. Congrats to all the kids who com- peted this year at MIM!
  Minnesota Upcoming BBQ Events
Bring’n Home the Bacon (Double) – June 11 & 12 –
TOY and KCBS Sanctioned
Rigs & Pigs Backyard BBQ Cook Off – Jun 20
Fillmore County Fair BBQ Cook Off – July 24 – TOY
B Dale BBQ Contest – August 7 – TOY and KCBS Sanctioned Boomer Backyard BBQ Cookoff – August 21 –
TOY and KCBS Sanctioned
Big Island BBQ – August 22 – TOY and KCBS Sanctioned
Youth First Rib Competition - September 11
LIVIN Festival - September 18 – TOY
Bring’n Home the Bacon 2 – Oct 15 & 16 – TOY and KCBS Sanctioned
Bring’n Home the Bacon (Double) – June 11-13
Big Island BBQ – Aug 20-21
King Turkey Day Smokin’ Gobbler Cook-Off, July 16-17

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