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 Minnesota in May 2021
Stan Dobosenski – Chairman of the Board
What a great weekend! Being an organizer has it’s chal- lenges but when the dust settles and I look back on the weekend I am so thankful for all the teams, judges, volun- teers and sponsors. It was a team effort to put this to- gether and I’m really happy with the result.
Congratulations to our Grand Champion, Hogline with a 697.1544 Sin Circle BBQ had a great cook to earn RGC with a 690.2744 On the backyard side Dad Bod Barbeque took home the GC and Ugly Baby BBQ earned the RGC. The competition was steep this weekend, everyone who heard their name should be proud!
Allen LeCuyer – Membership Chair
I am kind of a dinosaur when it comes to the backyard divi- sion, I first competed at MN in May in the backyard back in 2017 and I’m still here! One of the reasons I keep coming back is the evolution of the community aspect of our teams. Each year there are more and more familiar faces of teams who come back and the friendships just keep getting stronger. We had a bonfire both Friday and Saturday night, there were dozens of people all hanging out, both pro and backyard teams. When teams had free time during the day they would walk around and say hi to people they know and introduce themselves to those they didn’t. I really think our event has become a fun weekend for all where we also compete, versus a Saturday contest where we show up and cook and stick to ourselves. Every year just keeps get- ting better! - 10
JUNE 2021
Craig Grefe - Treasurer
My Minnesota in May experience was different this year than in years past. This was my first year being on the board and having responsibilities other than cooking. I was asked to help coordinate the selling of raffle tickets at the event as well as a few other tasks as the MBS Treasurer. Be- tween cooking the KCBS one meat event on Friday night,

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