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can smell the smoke from several backyards as you enter the cul-de-sac. I can fondly remember paper plates almost folding under the weight of all the food, especially when I laid that heavily buttered corn cob on top. But the summer- time feasts aren’t over just because school starts back, then we have tailgating to do. Back together this year, we will see everything from the simple
kettles to the more advanced pel- let cookers as the pre-game feasts commence.
Summertime Family
I enjoy my solitary time out on the creekbank fishing. It’s my time to reflect, prep for some of my clients and maybe even catch a few fish. But some of my most favorite is when I am there with my family. Both of my girls have been able to bait their own hooks even before they could ride bikes. They each have caught fish, fileted and eaten what we’ve caught. Then there are times when I, along with my cousins, would head to Camden Park, a
local amusement park (one of the oldest in the nation) or a road trip with friends to King’s Island in Cincinnati. Vaca- tions, ever how few there were, have still the fondest mem- ories.
Two summers in a row when I was 9 and 10 years old, 13 family members loaded up into
my Aunt and Uncle’s Winnebago to head to Florida. I had never been that far before nor seen the ocean. Funny thing is, I remember more of the family on the trip than I do the sights we saw.
Summer is here and I am excited to share it with you as I travel the country cooking. Let me know what you think of when you think of summer and share it on the Chimney Cartel Facebook page, I am looking forward to hearing all of those stories of memories of summers past and can’t wait to see those great pictures.
 Caspian , Dad, and I
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