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 Board Announcement
The NBBQA, from its inception has been run by dedicated volunteers who have one thing in common, the love of BBQ. As we have grown as an organization there has been paid positions, but at the core, the board of directors has always been men and women who just want to see NBBQA rise as the go to authority for all things BBQ. For the past 30 years, it has been the board who have set the direction the NBBQA traveled. From the educational elements, to the BBQ Bash, to the conferences, it has been driven by the board of direc- tors, who have been selected by you, the members.
As you know, this past March we put out a call for nomina- tions and received several who wanted to help set the fu- ture trajectory of the NBBQA. In April, we put those names up for you to choose who you would like to see lead our as- sociation. Those new board members, Mike Ross, Pamela Murphy, Doug Bauer, James Hare, and Janet Phelps are names some of us know and some do not. So we thought it would be nice to introduce them to you We have also in- cluded the established board and how some of the posi- tions have changed.
Barbara Latimer – NBBQA President
I have been a part of NBBQA since 2012.
Mobile, Alabama was my first confer-
ence. I was hooked ever since. I’ve been
in the restaurant industry for so many
years, with the last 25 in BBQ. I felt the call-
ing to give back to the BBQ industry however I
could. I love BBQ, from every region and every category,
meats, sauces, and rubs; although not too partial to mustard and vinegar sauces though.
Shane Draper – NBBQA President-Elect
Shane is a Navy veteran who grew up in
the barbecue business. He currently re-
sides in western Kentucky with his wife,
Megan, his two sons, and a German Shep-
herd named Savannah. He spends his free
time volunteering with the VFW, consulting on
recipes for various barbecue companies, writing cookbooks, creating products and traveling whenever possible.
Patrick Murty - NBBQA Immediate Past President
Firefighter for 20 years West Milton Fire Department. Wish I had more time to get
out and compete in cookoffs! But cooking at home for the family and at the restaurant
will have to suffice for now. NBBQA members were an in- strumental part of my family’s BBQ success when we opened Company 7 BBQ in Englewood, OH. That is why I joined the board, to pay it forward.
Ken Phillips - Treasurer
Ken is the co-founder of the Steak Cookoff Association and has been on the NBBQA board for the past 4 years. Begin- ning in 2013 Ken, along with his business partner, has taken the SCA around the - 24
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