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 world, making it the largest sanctioning body in Food Sport. Since the time Ken and the SCA have been a part of the NBBQA. They’ve shown everyone that BBQ isn't just low and slow but also hot and fast.
Janet Cole Phelps – Secretary
In the Summer of 2006, a college friend wanted an article in the Barbecue News Magazine, and the next thing I know, I
am married to Kell Phelps, Owner/Pub- lisher of the Barbecue News Magazine, and
living back in my hometown of Douglas, Georgia. In pre- Kell life, I worked in the insurance industry. My first expo- sure to NBBQA was in Raliegh, North Carolina, at the 2006 convention, where I assisted the 17th Street BBQ crew with the sauce contest. I have been part of the planning commit- tee for previous conventions focusing on the auctions and raffles. NBBQA is near and dear to our hearts in the Phelps family, and I am excited to be a part of helping others in any way possible in the world of BBQ.
Mark Lambert
6-time world champion and owner of
Sweet Swine o Mine Distribution, Mark
knows BBQ. He has said he started his
business to feed his competition habit
and has turned it into the go to place for all
things BBQ. He attributes this to what he has
learned through the connections he made through the NBBQA. Mark is a teacher at heart, which is evident on his YouTube channel and his commitment to the educational aspects of our association, which he has served as presi- dent.
Jason Bauer
Is our Pacific Northwest representative and a championship BBQ cook. He is one of the very few, if not the only person
to win a triple at a SCA event and was the NBBQA Food Fight Champion at our last
NBBQA Conference in Kansas City. Jason just opened his food truck business and has relied on the expertise of the other
business folk within the NBBQA to help kick it off.
Pamela Murphy
Pam knows BBQ and has been a part of the NBBQA for several years. She, along with her husband, Clay, who is her “part- ner in crime,” are a part the Sonny’s BBQ
franchise owner family since 2008. So, if you are in the St. Augustine, FL area for vacation, please stop in their restau- rant to say hello.
James Hare
Owner of Cucamonga Cattle Co. BBQ Rubs & Sauces, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. KCBS Master Judge, NBBQA member
since 2011. Also, member of California BBQ Association, CBBQA. I hope to help more
of California's great Pitmaster's and BBQ businesses be aware of and more active in the NBBQA and all it has to offer them.
Mike Ross
I live in Paducah, KY. I am a retired System
Director of Patient Experience in Health-
care. I have been cooking outdoors for
over 40 years. I work closely with Flavor
Anonymous and have been to competi-
tions with Shane Draper. I have written a few
articles for BBQ and posted multiple cooks. My desire to be on this Board is to help reach out to the backyard cook who may want to compete or simply enjoy cooking for family and friends. Often, simple is better!
Doug Bauer
I live in clarion county PA and I have built and run DB’s Smokin’ BBQ, The Shack, founded 8 years ago. I’m opening a new location on May 21 called DB’s Smokin’ BBQ, Bedrock.
It all started on a bedsheet. Literally, I wanted to be on the board to help with
     The NBBQA Staff
new membership and help aspiring en- trepreneurs to succeed and grow in the
restaurant industry. I look forward to being your grunt.
 These three people assist us in getting the word out, answer questions and secure new members as well as contact old ones. From social media, to phone calls,to emails you have probably encountered one of them and may not have even known it.
Sammi Graff – Membership Administrator
I started with 17th Street BBQ 12 years ago and had the pleasure to work for the "Legend" of Barbecue. I was introduced
to the NBBQA through the awards of ex- cellence. I have attended many of the con-
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