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ferences and have enjoyed meeting so many new people. When the opportunity was offered to become the adminis- trator for the NBBQA I could not turn it down. Now that I am no longer at 17th Street, I am still in the BBQ world and there is not any better group of people. I have said this to many members, and I truly believe that this is the only group that share all their knowledge to help the next per-
son to achieve their goals. That is why I wanted to be a part of this organization.
Kell Phelps – Sponsorship Specialist
Kell Phelps has been in the barbecue world since his teenage years where he cut his barbecue teeth on the competi- tion circuit. In 1990 his father, and NBBQA
founding member, Joe Phelps started a printed newsletter called the National Barbe-
cue News. In 2002 Kell bought the magazine from his dad and made barbecue his daily job. Kell and his father are both proud past-presidents of the NBBQA.
Vic Clevenger – Social Media Specialist
As a writer, he has been writing for over 30 years. His arti- cles have appeared in magazines and journals around the country. Some of them include, Tailgater Magazine, Entre- preneurial Chef, Northern NY Entertainment and the Na- tional BBQ News. As a cook, Vic has competed in all the majors and has a 3rd place in desserts at the
World Food Championship. He said, “I take great pride in being a part of the NBBQA. As a member, director, and now social media specialist, I enjoy spreading the word of the opportunities one can enjoy in the NBBQA.”
Join with us as we welcome your NBBQA Board of Directors and staff. The next 30 years will be remarkable.
Correction: Last month we made a name spelling mistake. This is how President & CEO of ROWDYDOW bbQ, Angela M. Keaveny’s name should have been spelled. We offer our apologies.
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