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The Mighty
A Championship to Remember
It is here in these parking lots and fields we find a phenome- non. SCA contests, big and small, have much in common with nature. Ducks often chose the V-shaped flying pattern. A mechanism that allows them to fly longer, with less wind resist- ance. When the lead duck gets tired, the ducks rotate. It is teamwork that will enable them to fly as much as 800 miles per day. Friends, it is teamwork that allows the Arkansas State Championship to be comprised of four events in one.
You must have someone willing to be the lead duck. To commit to the idea, “we can do this.” In this case, Bill Couch took the supporting the SCA reps, and
  There is no more beautiful sight than a flock of ducks ap- proaching a landing during Spring Migration. Wings stretched, uplifted by the wind beneath them, they hang tight in the air as if they are floating. Driving over the hill on 20th street at the Arkansas SCA State Championship, one might mistake the sight of rolling smoke for a foggy marsh. The perfect spot to land. When Ducks Unlimited sponsors an event, they don’t miss a detail.
Much like a ducks’ migration
path follows the weather, SCA
cooks flock to the clouds of
smoke across the land. And to
quote everyone’s favorite fic-
tional hockey team, “Ducks Fly together”.
  L-R: Judges Chet Simmons, Tom Bergchicker, Carol Burdison, Debbie Bergchicker, Jeff Mayhew
L-R: Melissa Burns, Katelyn and Brandon Crain - 36
JUNE 2021
L-R: Bill Couch (Promoter) and Danny Kennedy, SCA Rep
lead. Promoting the event,
pulling together a team determined to hold a successful in-

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