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  L-R: Brian and Leanne Caruso
In rain, wind, and sunshine, our flock waddled from tent to tent. We congregated at Steak Church. And had one heck of a good time. Slade Douglas' father, Harry, even brought his famous pecan brittle. If you are lucky enough to secure a bag in your tent, you will find making friends is easy as everyone wants a bite.
Frequent flier, Bill Mann, walked away the Arkansas State Champion. We all walked away with some good stories to tell- looking for the next parking lot with billowing smoke.
All this talk about ducks made me hungry, so I cooked up a favorite duck camp recipe – Duck Jalapeño Poppers. And being a good member of the flock, I’ll share my recipe.
L-R: Alfred Hanna and Will Collier
Step 1:
Mix Sweet Swine O’Mine Wilsonshire and baking soda. Pour in a quart Ziplock bag and place duck in to marinate. Marinate 4-5 hours.
Step 2:
Cut jalapeños in half and remove seeds.
Mix cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, and 2 Tbsps G2 BBQ seasoning.
Scoop cheese mixture into pepper halves. Place marinaded duck breast on top of cheese.
1⁄2 cup Sweet Swine O’Mine Wilsonshire 1⁄4 tsp baking soda
1 Duck breast
2 jalapeños
1 cream cheese (block) 2 oz Pepper Jack Cheese (grated)
Big D’s Q G2 BBQ Sea- soning
Big D’s Q Game On Seasoning
4 slices thin bacon
Big D’s Q Original BBQ Sauce
Total Time (Prep + cook): 6 hours
Cook Time: 25 min- utes
SCA Rep Danny Kennedy provides final instructions to cooks before steak selection.
Wrap each pepper half in bacon. Secure with a tooth pick.
Cover bacon with a layer of Game On.
Step 3:
Put in smoker at 400 degrees for 20 min- utes.
Remove from smoker and brush with Big D’s Q Original BBQ Sauce. Place poppers back on smoker for 5 minutes for glaze to set.
Remove and enjoy! - 38
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