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 augural event. I spent some time with Bill over the weekend. It was apparent “quality” was a driving force in his vision. “It was impor- tant to me that we have enough steaks. I wanted every cook to get steaks they feel like they have a chance with regardless of what position they draw for steak selection”.
As a cook in all four events,
I can attest that Bill’s vision
was met. My husband, Rod-
ney, and I both drew in the
back of the line several times throughout the weekend. We both managed to walk. Several cooks, such as Will Collier (DB180) and Jim Hudgins (Big Jim Hudgins), put on their walking shoes to
collect their prize after picking steaks at the back of the line. It was a cook’s fantasy walking up to that steak selection table.
Bill and Danny
Kennedy, SCA
Rep, were a dy-
namic duo. I asked
them for tips on
how cooks can
help ensure
events are suc-
cessful. They both expressed the importance of cooks sign- ing up for the event early. A promoter can only secure quality steaks for every-
The Flying V was deep and wide, as many judges and community volun- teers came together. None flew as far as Prime Judge Jeff Mayhew, who came 650 miles from Sarasota, Florida, on a set of metal wings. If Jeff is judging a contest, it is one I want to be at. He is a source of knowledge and encouragement. He has graded over 1,500 steaks. If you get the chance, sit a spell with
L-R: Rodney Jones, David Maier (Golden Ticket Winner), Christy Jones
  one if they have an accu- rate expectation for how many cooks will attend. Without this, a promoter faces an uphill battle to get enough quantity (and the same quality) of steaks at the last minute. I promised Danny I would pass along that encour- agement as the current beef market adds even more pressure to organ- izers. (And all the good little cooks said, quack quack!)
L-R: Kelly & Frank Davis, Christy Jones, Jana & Jeff Mays
L-R: Tuck and Josh Hawkins
L-R: Chris Barber, Jim Hudgins
almost every weekend as sev- eral were within an hour's drive. He has found being further south, most contests are 2-3 hours away. His commitment to the sport is on display, as his travel mileage has gone up. He re- cently returned from judging his third SCA World
him. You won’t regret it.
Jeff recently made a move from Memphis to Sarasota. Be- fore moving, he was at a contest
Championship in Fort Worth. His Folkston, Georgia.
next contest will be in
Jeff credits the cama- raderie of the sport for inspiring his willingness to continue while racking up the travel miles, “it’s the friendships built”. Transitioning into the Florida region, Jeff found the same friendliness among the judges and reps. His best advice to anyone wanting to judge, “jump in with both feet. Make some great friends- learn about good food and great people.”
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